Thursday, November 09, 2006


An Olive Branch, Of Sorts

If Matthew Hill would like to spend considerably less money in the next election, here are a few things he could do to win over some of the 7,400 voters who don't approve of his performance.

1. Stop pushing that stupid firefighters union bill. Almost every person in Tennessee, definitely every conservative, finds the bill asinine.
2. Don’t give yourself a legislative raise anymore
3. Stop pissing off local leaders by ignoring their requests for communication on topics that you disagree with them on. I'm not talking about your stupid meetings where you tell them to come talk to you. Give a little more respect to Jonesborough.
4. Do more in the 7th District than just sleep here. At least you could go to church here.
5. Stop accepting money from outside the 7th District. Even limiting your funding to 25% outside money would be a huge improvement.
6. Stop accepting money from Gregory.
7. Stop using homeschool kids from Chattanooga on your campaigns.
8. Get more roads money and you’ll stop pissing off the Powell Construction & Summer-Taylor people
9. Don’t lie. Whether it’s all the “sit down meetings” you had with the Governor on the pharmacy school, or that you cut the grocery tax. We’re smarter than you treat us and would like you to just be straight with the facts, especially when we can look them up.
10. Support open government and take steps to preserve the natural beauty of Washington County.
11. Decide that helping bring more jobs and affordable health care to the 7th District has nothing to do with what political party you are in.
12. Quit treating our schools like the they should be shut down and fight for funding and constructive solutions for improvement. Just saying the family should do a better job of guiding children doesn't change the fact most kids, including church members, grow up in broken homes. I think you are very aware of this reality.
13. Abstain from bills that financially benefit you and your daddy.
14. Admit that you protested against the U.S. military and that it is certainly not unpatriotic for anyone in the 7th District to question the president and the war in Iraq. A lot of Republicans just learned that the hard way.
15. And lastly, stop using assets from your daddy’s nonprofit for political and illegal actions, like putting a down payment on your Washington County home. That last part was alleged in an e-mail and phone call to me from someone within your own circle, but dragging their name and family into your attack campaign just wasn’t worth it.

Like I said, I still hope any half-brained Republican runs against him in the next primary election. But if his funders’ deep pockets scare them off, then I hope he decides to take his job more seriously and just be a better legislator. The hard working people of the 7th District, even the ones he wished lived elsewhere, deserve at least that much.

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Tuesday, November 07, 2006


How Sad

Well, he purchased victory once again, though just barely. Looks like U.S. military protester Hill will defeat Phillips by about a slim 728 votes. Though Hill had much more money than Phillips, his margin of victory was quite small. That's more than 3,000 fewer votes than Hill received in 2004, which shows Hill isn't exactly getting more popular. I'm not sure how 8,000 people could be so dumb, but these results show that Hill remains one of the least liked representatives in Tennesseee.

It's just too bad so many people in the 7th District have bought the lie that Christians can only vote for Republicans. I don't know how people can go to church with the deceiver Hill and his daddy, who narrated Hill's attack ads.

My biggest consolation though, is that due to the groundswell of opposition, Hill spent more than $110,000 to win this seat. No effective legislator should have to spend that kind of money on attack ads to win a piddly state house seat. It is very clear that if any half-brained Republican decided to run against Hill in the next primary election, they will find plenty of support and an easy win. At least that's only about 18 months away.

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Sunday, November 05, 2006


Reasons to Vote Against Matthew Hill on Tuesday

1. Matthew Hill continues to push for fire fighter unions. It is an idea Harold Ford Jr. supports. (Though everyone else in the state, including his opponent, opposes this)
2. Matthew Hill voted to raise his legislative pension.
3. Matthew Hill protested against the U.S. military and then said that anyone who doesn’t support the Iraq war is not patriotic, while claiming it was not his “calling” to enlist (His opponent served in the U.S. military)
4. Local veterans endorsed his opponent, not Matthew Hill.
5. Matthew Hill has been inaccessible to the 7th District.
6. Matthew Hill has angered and ignored almost every leader in the 7th District: here's another;
7. Matthew Hill is not even from the 7th District (His opponent is)
8. Almost all of Matthew Hill’s money and supporters are not from the 7th District (His opponent’s are)
9. Matthew Hill wants to be a lobbyist
10. While Matthew Hill has been in office, the 7th District has seen a decrease in funding from Nashville
11. Matthew Hill lied about his role in bringing the pharmacy school to ETSU (His opponent helped make it a reality)
12. Matthew Hill refused to return money he received from former Republican representative Chris Newton, the only politician in the Tennessee Waltz sting to plead guilty.
13. Matthew Hill allied with liberal Democrat Johnny Shaw on a bill that would financially benefit Hill.
14. Matthew Hill does not support open government (His opponent does)
15. Matthew Hill is pro-litter and pro-beer.
16. Matthew Hill does not want to preserve the beauty of Washington County’s outdoors.
17. Matthew Hill was not endorsed by the Johnson City Press (His opponent and Bob Corker were)
18. Matthew Hill stated that he would support an income tax if the U.S. was at war (We are)
19. Many local voters do not support Matthew Hill: here's one; and another; another; another; another; another; another
20. Matthew Hill is not interested in bringing more jobs to the 7th District
21. Rusty Crowe has a lot of good things to say about Matthew Hill’s opponent.
22. Matthew Hill’s only accomplishment has been described as weak and ineffective and it allows legislators to break the law.
23. Matthew Hill’s main financial donor made a lot of money by overcharging tax funded programs.
24. Matthew Hill wants schools to take money out of their budgets to pay citizens who don’t have children in school.
25. Matthew Hill’s campaign staff includes a large number of homeschool children from Cleveland and Chattanooga
26. Matthew Hill’s campaigns are run unethically, as are his daddy’s organizations: here’s more; and more; more; more; more; and more

Trust me, there are plenty of other reasons not to vote for Matthew Hill.

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Friday, November 03, 2006


One More Local Voter Turned Off by Matthew Hill

The following ran in the Johnson City Press on Nov. 3. There have been a ton of anti-Hill letters in the last month. Hill has had a few supporting letters, but almost all of them have been political favors by Republican representatives who live in other parts of the state. He is trying his best to make it look like his own district likes him.

Matt Hill’s half truths
I received another of Fred Phillips’ opponent’s mailouts today, and I am amazed at how he (Rep. Matthew Hill) has mastered the half-truth process. He implies that he voted for a pension increase for retired teachers and state law enforcement employees. However he forgot to mention that he also voted for House Bill 3266 and Amendment 2 that does give himself a pay raise that states “Provided, however, the first adjustment under subsection (e) shall occur on November 7, 2006, and on each July 1 thereafter, in accordance with the preceding sentence for persons who are in service on the effective date of this act.” Meaning yes, he voted himself a raise this Nov. 7 and a cost-ofliving allowance for every year from now on, (if he’s still in office).

He claims he brought $200 million to Washington County this year. Of course he forgot to tell you those are routine reoccurring budget items. He claimed he personally had two “sit down” meetings with the governor concerning the pharmacy school at East Tennessee State University. In an interview published today, he now admits he “mentioned” it to the governor. There’s a lot of difference in two meetings and a “mention.” Of course his memory returned when the governor was in town recently.

I have known Philips for his entire 42 year law enforcement career and no one has ever questioned his integrity or honesty. Now his opponent does, because he has been unable to govern effectively.
JEAN C., Piney Flats

And don't forget, there are plenty of other reasons why you should vote against Matthew Hill.

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Thursday, November 02, 2006


Outsider-Funded Matthew Hill Angry that Fred Phillips Received Outsider Money

Oh, the irony and hypocrisy of Matthew Hill. It looks like Hill doesn’t know what to do when he has an opponent with pockets as relatively deep as Hill’s. In the Nov. 2 Johnson City Press, we learn that Matthew Hill is angry that Fred Phillips has received money from the Tennessee Democratic Party and Jimmy Naifeh. While I am not impressed with Phillips in this regard, he is only matching Hilly boy’s donations from the Tennessee Republican Party and Bill Dunn. The total that Phillips received, $35,000, is exactly the same amount Matthew Hill received from the Tennessee Republican Party and Bill Dunn! That total doesn’t include the extra $5,500 Hill received from the TRP and the extra $6,500 he received from the Gregory machine, both in October. Looks like Hill still has at least $10,000 more in donations from outsider groups than Phillips.

Also, did you know that Matthew Hill spent $68,000 on attack ads in October alone? Phillips only spent $31,000 during that month, and most of that wasn't even for ads. Hill is whining about all the money that Phillips has recently received from the above mentioned two sources, but in the last two years, Hill has received and spent nearly $200,000, almost all of it from outside the 7th District, to win a seat in a district that he has only lived in for the two years he has been in office.

Hill is running an ad that says he is not for sale, and it states that our values and future are not for sale. This is the most hilarious ad I have seen in a long time. Matthew Hill purchased his victory against the underfunded Bob Patton in 2004, and now that he has an opponent with some funding, Hill is so scared that he is calling the kettle black. It’s really entertaining, actually.

And don't forget, here are some more good reasons to vote against Matthew Hill.

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Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Local Voter Condemns Matthew Hill's Antics

The following, which was aimed directly at Matthew Hill and his campaign "debauchery," ran in the Nov. 1 Johnson City Press:
Don’t be swayed by advertisements and they might end them
Are we as stupid as these ultra-conservatives think we are? In any campaign where they are challenged, they barrage us with advertisements of half-truths and innuendos against their opponent and believe we will be fooled into voting for their candidate.

These ads are obviously targeted to people who do not familiarize themselves with the issues and backgrounds of the candidates. Regrettably we are currently being hammered by three such races. The local 7th District State House race is a prime example of this strategy.

In the last primary we watched them do a hatchet job on Bob Patton and lost a good, hard-working representative in the process. Now they are doing the same thing to Fred Phillips. Let us be clear, these are not local people orchestrating and funding these attack media campaigns. The numerous ad agency-produced commercials and the media to support them are very expensive.

To whom does the candidate who is the benefactor of this strategy and funding owe their allegiance? Is it the people of the 7th District or the people who put them in office? I believe we all know the answer to that.

The sad result of this type of campaigning is that it drives away a lot of intelligent, experienced people who could serve us well. They just will not subject themselves to this debauchery.

Please do not be swayed by these assaults. Whichever candidates you support, take the time to learn about their background and stance on the issues. Choose who you vote for because of the facts and not some misleading advertisement.

Maybe if these horrible things no longer worked they would stop inflicting them on us.
DENNIS W., Johnson City
The sure fire way to stop this is by voting against Matthew Hill.

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