Thursday, October 19, 2006


Johnson City Chamber of Commerce Angry at Matthew Hill

Well, Hilly boy is burning bridges as fast as he can in the 7th District. "Don't be Misled!" That's funny. In the Oct. 19 Johnson City Press, Johnson City Chamber of Commerce President Gary Mabrey said one of Hill's ads that appeared in the Johnson City Press was run without the Chamber’s permission and was against its policy. In the ad (located to the right), Hill claims Gary Mabrey and the Chamber strongly support Hill's vote on minimum wage. This is another in a long line of stupid things Matthew Hill has done during this campaign. Sometimes it does seem like he is trying to lose.
“The Chamber does not allow board members or employees to be used in campaign advertisements,” Mabrey said. “And the Chamber does not raise money or use any to endorse candidates.”

This was done without our permission,” Mabrey said. “Mr. Hill and I talked about it and we’re moving on, so I think that’s about all there is to say about it.”

“We don’t endorse and we don’t raise money for any campaigns and in any event that it is done, it’s done without our permission, or without the knowledge of the Chamber,” Mabrey went on to say.
What's even more sad is that Hill doesn't seem to care. And, it looks like he is going to use the Chamber's name again:
Hill says he was just clarifying his position on a statement of fact. ...Hill said that though he does plan to run the ad again, he will remove Mabrey’s name from it.
Also, don't forget that Matthew Hill said, unlike Jason Mumpower, it's not government's place to create jobs. Good thing he's a part of government.
Update: 10-20-06
The Johnson City/Washington County Chamber of Commerce was so annoyed with Matthew Hill that they released the following letter to the editor in the Oct. 20 Johnson City Press:
Chamber policy
The Johnson City/ Jonesborough/ Washington County Chamber of Commerce does not endorse candidates for elected office. We do not raise or provide funds for candidates. We do not allow candidates to reference our board, officers of our board, employees of the Chamber, or the Chamber in their advertisements in either print, audio or video.

Any mention in an ad would be without our knowledge or permission, either organizationally or personally.

We do encourage you to vote. Early voting is underway through Nov. 2, with Nov. 7 as the date of the General Election. GARY MABREY President/CEO Chamber of Commerce

Great find, salida...
Thanks, Elmer.
I think that it about time that we pulled the Johnson City Chanmber of Commerce IRS Form 990s...just in case.
You left out how Hill is endorsed by the TN Chamber of Commerce...good reporting as usual. Maybe you could join the ranks of a student newspaper somewhere.
I don't really care that the Tennessee Chamber of Commerce's president, who makes $200,000+ a year, decided to endorse Hill. They both support high salaries for themselves, and low salaries for employees. My point was that Hill wrecklessly used Gary Mabrey and the Johnson City Chamber, his constituents, to communicate a false message. He flat out lied and got caught.
You failed to mention that Mabrey pushed along with the chamber for lawmakers to vote against the detrimental minimum wage increase. We may disagree on whether the increase should take place or not, but the fact remains that Mabrey supported the vote that Hill took. I think it was OK despite your bias, that Hill show that Mabrey supported Hill.
I wish to publicly thank Rep. Matthew Hill for his passion and conviction for our State and making a positive difference in the lives of Tennesseans. Keep up the "Good Work" representative Hill, we need more Christians in office who not only talk the talk but walk the walk as well.
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