Saturday, October 07, 2006


Matthew Hill Continues to Stretch the Truth

Well, the Oct. 5 Johnson City Press had two articles on the 7th District race, one each for Matthew Hill and Fred Phillips. It was probably a draw, but I felt that Phillips looked better, while Hill seemed quite defensive, almost nervous. Here are some highlights from Phillips:
I don’t believe that the county is getting the best return on its tax dollar,” [Phillips] said. “And there is a general feeling that we are not being represented as well as we could be in Nashville.”

Phillips points specifically to Washington County’s lack of state money issued for new roads during the past two years, unlike neighboring counties such as Greene and Hamblen.

“My opponent has said that he brought millions of dollars in road money to Washington County, when in actuality it’s for access roads, bridge work that is appropriated out of state infrastructure ... funds we get yearly,” he said.

…I would try to secure more funding for classroom space in the county as well as additional funding for teacher pay,” he said.

…On working with his Republican counterpart, newly elected 6th District Rep. Dale Ford, Phillips said he didn’t anticipate any problems.

“I’ve known Dale for 30 years,” said Phillips, who would be serving his first term as a legislator.

…“A regional jail can work if everyone can get together on one,” Phillips said, pointing to such counties as Washington, Carter, Unicoi, Sullivan and Greene.

“I definitely think it’s the way of the future…
In Hill's interview, he was completely deceptive, as usual. Check out this stupid statement by Hill:
If it were up to incumbent Rep. Matthew Hill, R-Jonesborough, his reelection campaign would have been conducted solely on the issues.
Matthew Hill doesn't know how to run a campaign on issues. He ran against Bob Patton with absolutely no issues at all. Hill spread lies about Patton and used scare tactics to make people think a vote for Patton was a vote against Christianity.

Then Hill went on to say that his biggest accomplishment was Courtney's Law:
“Being a freshman legislator and being able to pass Cortney’s Law, which makes illegal street racing a Class B felony, is at the top,” he said.
This is a puzzling statement since many in the Tri-Cities, including the Johnson City Press, were disappointed with Hill's inability to work with people in Nashville to get a law that actually had teeth.

And lastly, Matthew Hill demonstrated his excellent English skills once again with the following quote:
"Hopefully, local officials can sit down with myself and others and address this idea."
I am just hoping that 7th District voters will reject himself on election day.

I liked Rep. Hill's footer copy for the Johnson City Press display ad for the Tuesday September 26 "IMMIGRATION REFORM" meeting:


Tennesseeans are really screwed with Hill in office...
What do you expect?

Matthew Hill was "Homefooled".

I am glad he is not teaching English to the children.
Though I have heard Hill claim he was a private school, substitute teacher before, I am quite confident English and math were subjects he did not qualify to teach.
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