Sunday, January 16, 2005


Deception is the name of the game.

If you have the time, check out the Leitner (Gregory owned)
Pharmaceutical Building at 340 Edgemont in Bristol,
Tennessee sometime.

340 Edgemont is the political epicenter of Washington
County political activity, as the Leitner Building is
not only the home to SJ Strategic Investments, Inc. and
SJ Travel --- 340 Edgemont Avenue is also the physical
adress of the following persons and groups:

Tenn. Conservative PAC;
State of Franklin PAC;
501 (c)(3) non-profit Appalachian Education
Communications Corporation;
for profin Information Communications Corporation;
Rep. Matthew Hill;
State of Franklin PAC President Kenneth C. Hill;
State of Franklin PAC Treasurer "Bud" Branscomb;
Tenn. Conservative PAC Treasurer Jim Holcomb, and;
many campaign contributors tied to the Gregory name.

Obviously, the 7th District doesn't know what is best for itself.

Also the home of WHCB radio, owned by Hilly boy's daddy.
If you think that is bad, look at how Hilly boy's friends have benefitted from TennCare. This is disgusting. And most of these people claim to be Christians.
Hey, you all need to cut the State of Franklin PAC President and WHCB Director Hill some slack with the WHCB fundraising --- public records available for inspection at the Sullivan County Property Assessor Office has reassessed Dr. Hill's primary residential property in Blountville from the 2004 total appraisal of $272,000.00 to the 2005 reappraisal rate of $317,000 --- and these are certainly tough times in this here Bush economy!

Won't you please consider donating to WHCB --- Home of the "15% Tithe"...?
There's nothing like earning $45,000 in equity by doing nothing at all. Something tells me that not everyone in Northeast Tennessee has benefitted from a property value increase like Daddy Hill has.
Rep. Matthew Hill's folks personally own over $500,000.00 real estate in Sullivan County -- I suppose you can understand why there is a whole lot of talk originating from WPWT 870 AM harping about the property taxes in Sullivan County...

Please...won't you consider maxing out the limits of your credit cards and make some very generous donations to WHCB 91.5 FM (Bristol) and WHCB 102.9 (Knoxville)???
With that $500,000 in real estate I really feel like Hilly boy is looking out for the little man. Wait, I think he is walking on us.
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