Tuesday, May 10, 2005


Does he have a mind of his own at all?

Hilly boy has been in the news again, but only as a shadow. In this story about how our local politicians like to shaft the county while moving at the speed of a snail, we never hear Hilly boy's words. He knows how to do nothing but what Rusty & David tell him to do or say.

In this story, again we never hear Hilly boy speak at all.

Naturally, we don't hear from Hilly boy when it comes to this weak ethics reform bill. Though I'll take some reform over none, this bill is a joke.

By the way, why can't our politicians get arts money like this?

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Where was he?

At the spring 2005 ETSU graduation, president Paul Stanton asked if Matthew Hill was present. After a long silence it was clear he was not. Rather embarrassing for Hilly boy I must say. Ramsey was there. Oh well, it made the graduation more enjoyable.

By the way, when is Hilly boy going to fix his Web site? It has been down for at least 8 weeks now. So much for Mr. Accessible. He must be busy restocking the shelves of his Gregory funded coffee store, the same one that never has customers.

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