Saturday, August 02, 2008


Political Happenings

Here's a smattering of political news related to the Tri-Cities:

-Here’s an interesting post that exposes Rachel Davis apparently stretching the truth about the Davis family dog in her attempt to defend David Davis’ support of dog fighting. Ranked U.S. Rep. David Davis Among Least Influential Members.

-U.S. Rep. David Davis is this election season’s leading congressional recipient of donations from a billion-dollar global defense contractor accused of bribing Saudi officials with call girls and money. This company is the same one Davis secured money for.

-I must add that Davis was not happy about this.
-However, the Bristol Herald Courier stood by the story.
-This blogger has all the details. I can't believe that Davis' first release had BHC Jerks in it. Very professional.

-Speaking of Davis, here’s a good post that shows David Davis gave Timmy Hill an $8000 bonus after Timmy was busted for committing vandalism.

-By the way, Matthew Hill makes about $30,000 for his part-time job as a legislator. Too bad he doesn’t get anything done for the 7th District.

-Here’s an excellent letter that was sent in to the Hill clan’s WHCB Newsletter:
You are publishing falsehoods. No, Gov. Ben Hooper was not "as described in the story." Yes, he was an out of wedlock child that went on to become the Governor of Tennessee; this is true, but the rest of the story is made up poppycock. Nothing in Gov. Hooper's autobiography notes about how he slipped out of church in order to avoid the question of "Who is your daddy?" His autobiography is silent on the subject of preachers at this time in his life. This story is a pre-fabrication and based on the theme of being a "Bookkeeper in the Brothel", i.e., a man applies to be a bookkeeper in a brothel and is turned down because he can't read. He then goes on to be a great success, which keys on being rebuffed leads to one's own success.

You should be ashamed at printing this story as actual history as it is not verifiable. Call me a detractor?? Perhaps, but you can call me someone who does not believe everything he reads without doing some research. Shame on you for distorting history for your own religious cause. A simple statement about the story being urban legend would've been fine and a statement about how it is both fact (out of wedlock) and fiction (church story) would've been fine, but you stated Ben Hooper was "as described in the story." His autobiography rebuffs that statement and essentially makes your printing a falsehood. God forbid that your readers actually read his autobiography, they might actually learn something if they did that. I will pray that TRUTH will come to LIGHT. So mote it be.

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