Thursday, May 25, 2006


Hobbs Hot Over Hill

Tennessee firebrand conservative blogger Bill Hobbs opposes Hill's firefighter unionization bill too.

By the way, Hill has had this on his agenda for quite a while. Here's the original Johnson City Press story from February 5, 2005.

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Wednesday, May 24, 2006


You're Fired (soon, we hope)

Well, Tennessee State Representative Matthew Hill is fast making enemies in the Republican Party. This blog post by another blogger unhappy with Hill details a bill (HB2065) he cosponsored that would allow firefighters to unionize, at taxpayers' expense of course. Talk about a guy who is out of touch with his voters. He cosponsored this bill after receiving a "$2,000 campaign donation from the Johnson City Pro. Firefighters PAC, a political action committee front-group for the AFL-CIO labor union that fully funded the local PAC during the 2004 election cycle."

What's funny is how State Sen. Ron Ramsey and Republican candidate for governor Jim Bryson want no part of this bill at all. Most cities don't want it either since it would cost them plenty.

I have to say, this sure does help Fred Phillips.

As the above blogger mentioned, the Johnson City Press ran a scathing editorial speaking out loudly against Hill's bill:
This misguided piece of legislation, co-sponsored by Rep. Matthew Hill, R-Jonesborough, would carve out a special exception for firefighters under state law. Currently, municipal employees in Tennessee are prohibited from joining labor union. For the good of local taxpayers, we urge local lawmakers to regulate this unneeded bill to legislative purgatory.

Here is an editorial against the bill and here are some nice quotes against the bill:
Sen. Jim Bryson (R-Franklin) has moved to exempt Williamson County...

“I do think this completely changes the way we do business in the state of Tennessee with public employees,” Ramsey said. “I’ve always opposed the unionization of public employees.

In addition, the TML said the bill “puts an unfunded mandate on cities” because many mid- to smaller-sized municipalities would have to hire outside attorneys to conduct elections and negotiate.

Business interests have also lobbied against the bill, saying an increasingly unionized climate would hurt economic development. That left some senators worried.

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Sunday, May 21, 2006


Ramsey Makes Headlines

Well, in this story, we hear how State Sen. Ron Ramsey and his Gregory-funded PAC are raising eyebrows for their borderline ethics. This is who Hill takes his orders from.

Last week, while the legislative session was still in, Ramsey had his PAC send out invitations to lobbyists for a $1,000-per-person fundraiser. The event's co-host, State Sen. Jim Bryson, was not impressed with Ramsey's timing:
Sen. Jim Bryson, R-Franklin, Bredesen's likely Republican opposition in the governor's race, is a co-host of the baseball fundraiser. Although no rules were broken, he said, the perception surrounding the timing of the fundraiser does not look good.

"Personally, I wish they would wait a week and send it when we're out of session," Bryson said. "People wouldn't question it, if they would have just waited a week."
In other news, I heard that Hilly boy was saying on the radio that he would publicly name Republican voters who voted against him. I didn't hear it myself, but that is what someone told me. I'm just wondering if he really is that clueless. He can't get access to the names of voters in the general election. If he means voters in the primary election, he still doesn't know what he is talking about because he is the only Republican candidate. What an oddball.

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Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Hill's last days in Nashville winding down, we hope.

Thanks to this great find by another anti-Hill blogger, we now know all that "grassroots" campaigning by the Hill clan in 2004 included almost no one from the 7th District. What's amazing is that many of those door knockers who impressed voters were from McMinn, Meigs and Monroe Counties.

They pretty much say they were surprised to just barely beat Patton given that Hill was not even from the 7th District. I think they were surprised they pulled the wool over so many people's eyes so easily.

Those who believe in true democracy, as our forefathers envisioned, need to stand up and oust Matthew Hill. Everything about him screams imposter and outsider.
In other news, the Johnson City Press has redesigned their Web site. Luckily, all archived stories from the online edition are available, but the url addresses have changed slightly. So, if you click on a JC Press link on this blog, it probably won't take you anywhere. I will have the links updated shortly though, so that shouldn't last long.

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