Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Hill's last days in Nashville winding down, we hope.

Thanks to this great find by another anti-Hill blogger, we now know all that "grassroots" campaigning by the Hill clan in 2004 included almost no one from the 7th District. What's amazing is that many of those door knockers who impressed voters were from McMinn, Meigs and Monroe Counties.

They pretty much say they were surprised to just barely beat Patton given that Hill was not even from the 7th District. I think they were surprised they pulled the wool over so many people's eyes so easily.

Those who believe in true democracy, as our forefathers envisioned, need to stand up and oust Matthew Hill. Everything about him screams imposter and outsider.
In other news, the Johnson City Press has redesigned their Web site. Luckily, all archived stories from the online edition are available, but the url addresses have changed slightly. So, if you click on a JC Press link on this blog, it probably won't take you anywhere. I will have the links updated shortly though, so that shouldn't last long.

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There's a lot of people who feel tricked now. We're looking forward to a spirited campaign.
You forgot to mention carpetbagger...
Yeah, he's definitely a carpetbagger too. I bet if he loses he will move back to Sullivan County. We can only hope.
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