Thursday, March 30, 2006


Phillips to run against War Protester Tennessee Rep. Matthew Hill

Finally, Hilly boy has some competition from Fred Phillips.
"A popular Democrat in what is largely considered a Republican county, Phillips has shown the ability to overcome party lines in past elections..."
Even if Phillips doesn't win, he forces Hilly boy to answer for his pathetic record. Plus, Hilly boy has to engage in more public speaking, which is not exactly his strong point. It is a good day indeed.

Here's the JC Press's story about Phillips picking up papers, and here is the Tennessean's link.

In other news, here is a new anti-Hill blog. He's getting more popular by the day.

Cool, now we have an skirt chasing good ol'boy running. Yeeeeehaww! Break out a quart and celebrate!
The above comment, most likely by one of the Hill brothers, is about as founded as an earlier accusation by a commenter that Tennessee State Representative Matthew Hill is a closet homosexual.

However, this does indicate how Hill will operate "his" campaign against Phillips. He will attack the character of a respected local politician who is old enough to be his grandfather by flat-out lying, similar to how he claimed Bob Patton supported abortion. Hill's propensity to lie is indicative of his unethical nature. It's almost like a nervous habit.
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