Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Run Against War Protester Rep. Matthew Hill

So, Phillips might run against Representative Matthew Hill. I don't think he will really run against Crowe, given Crowe's support for Phillips. Let the campaigning begin.

Here are a couple more stories that say the same thing.

That may very well true, but one can speculate that Matthew Hill: Tennessee State Representative already has a lock on the rather substantial Washington County gay republican vote...
Is it really true that his little brother "Timmy" came out of the closet on the air?
What are you people talking about? The only thing I have ever heard him say on air about his personal life included his wife. Wishing something so doesn't make it so.
Noooo...you are drawn to a faulty conclusion ( i.e. "being gay") instead of recognizing that there are large numbers of Washington County voters living within the 7th House District of Matthew Hill: Tennessee State Representative who are stead-fast Republicans residing within the 7th House District who happen to be gay...

While WPWT 870 AM "Good Morning Tri-Cities" personalityTimothy Hill did once refer on-air to one of his male co-workers at WPWT 870 Am as being his "...main squeeze", you can chalk-up his unfortunate and self-made --- "boot strapping it", I suppose --- comment as just yet another example of "The Breakfast Flake of the Tri-Cities" actually not knowing what he is talking about during his "Good Morning Tri-Cities" show and not any comment toward his expression of personal sexuality.
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