Monday, December 05, 2005


Drag Racing

Luckily, our local legislators did finally decide to respond to issue of drag racing. However, this first bill does not address the issue of performance parts that have no place on the highway. Parts just like those sold at the gothic cathedral-like Ride Revolutions, the Gregory owned company that sells nitrous kits. Yep, the same family that funded most of Hilly boy's campaign in 2004.

Rusty Crowe addressed the use of nitrous oxide for cars on highways, but Hilly boy did not say a word. If he does not vocally condemn the sale and use of these murderous parts for highway use, he clearly cannot stand on his own two feet as a person. In addition, it appears that this aspect of the legislation that Crowe is working on is not fully supported by Kathy Beard. According to her "the sale of nitrous oxide should be outlawed." I agree.

I did read in the newspapers where Ride Revolution --- owned by Rep. Matthew Hill's 2004 campaign donator Susan Gregory and the Bristol race track donated $10k to Davy Crockett High School in memory of the Hensley girl (victim) that was burned to death during a late night North Roan Street drag race...both Rep. Hill's for-profit WPWT and non-profit WHCB radio operations are also located inside the Leitner Pharmaceuticals Building along with the corporate headquarters of Susan Gregory's Ride Revolution.

This addiction of Rep. Matthew Hill to both free-flowing Gergory pharmaceutical money and cheap rent --- Hill's Appalachian Education Communications Corporation (d.b.a. WHCB) and Information Communication Coporation (d.b.a. WPWT) reportedly pays only one dollar ($1.00 USD) per year toward leasing studio and office space within the Leitner Pharmaceuticals Building --- goes along way toward explaining why Rep. Matthew Hill is planning in 2006 to introduce such a lame drag-racing bill before the Tennessee House of Represetatives

Do you suppose that copies of the "Midnight Street Racing" DVD that are also sold by Ride Revolution have been donated to the Davy Crockett High School library?
...i just wonder how many more Washington County high school prom queens will have to die in fiery, drag racing crashes before Rep. Matthew Hill finally comes around to introducing some REAL ANTI-DRAG RACING LEGISLATION WITHIN THE TENNESSEE GENERAL ASSEMBLY?

I suppose that Hill is more concerned with the tought that the Gregory's will toss him out of the Leitner Pharmaceuticals Building and on the curb if he introduces and state legislation that adversely affects the profitability of the Midnight Strreet Racing industry.
I figured the Hills got a discount, but $1.00 per year to lease their studio and office space within the Leitner Pharmaceuticals Building. Don't they still ask for money on the whcb website?
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