Monday, March 31, 2008


Matthew Hill Called a Pig for Wasteful Spending

Well, Matthew Hill was one of three lawmakers called out by the Tennessee Center for Policy Research, run by Johnson City native Drew Johnson.
Wasteful Spending Continues for the Three Little Pigs of Washington County

Everyone remembers the fairy tale about the “Three Little Pigs.” You may not know, however, that we have our very own version of the Three Little Pigs right here in Washington County. In the fairy tale version, the Three Little Pigs leave home to seek their fortunes, learning valuable life lessons along the way. The Three Little Pigs in the Washington County version are state legislators who leave home to spend your money, forgetting their promises of fiscal responsibility in the process.

Washington County’s Three Little Pigs are state Sen. Rusty Crowe and state Reps. Dale Ford and Matthew Hill. All three of these state legislators, each of whom is Republican, claims to be a fiscal conservative and a responsible steward of your tax dollars. Unfortunately, for taxpayers, those claims appear to be fairy tales...

Matthew Hill, who, to his credit, was against the idea of the pork grants when they came up on the House floor, was quick to present one of the oversized checks. In a quote to the Johnson City Press, Hill proclaimed “it’s always a good thing when I can bring home money to the community.” While the vote-buying practice of sprinkling pork throughout a district in a way that benefits a few people at the expense of all other taxpayers may be a “good thing” for Rep. Hill, I imagine most taxpayers don’t believe that it’s a good thing for them.

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Sunday, March 23, 2008


Only One Republican Should Run Against Matthew Hill (though many Republicans Don't Like Him)

So, even though Republican Todd Smith very early on announced his campaign against against Matthew Hill, the rumor is that Bob Patton is thinking about jumping in too, in addition to a possible fourth candidate. This has to make Hill happy. If a ton of people run against the brainless one, since he is the encumbent, he will likely get the most votes because his name will be most recongizeable. The Republicans need to get their crap together and stand behind Smith, who declared first and has the experience to run circles around Hill.

Patton is a great guy who was smeared by Hill and his Sullivan County money, but Patton's 10 years were long enough. Plus Patton's income tax vote will be brought up all over again, even though Ron Ramsey publicly said he thought he would have to support the vote too. Ramsey decided against it, but he and Patton publicly talked about it with the very same words. If you don't beleive me, go to the library and look at the local papers' discussions of the issue before the vote. I stumbled on them and was amazed at what came out of Ramsey's mouth. Obviously the difference is he didn't vote his conscience.

Another reason there only needs to be one Republican candidate is because the one thing Matthew Hill does well is knock on doors. Since he doesn't have a real job, his daddy lets him campaign full-time during election seasons, probably because hid daddy's "nonprofit" businesses are funded by the Sullivan County Gregory clan, the same one's who fund Hill's campaigns. All other candidates have actual jobs and businesses, but Hill just goes around knocking on doors. He doesn't fulfill promises or get anything done in Nashville, but his door knocking does hoodwink a number of people whose doors haven't been knocked on by a politician. For this reason, there needs to be a unified front against Hill by the Republicans.
As one commenter reminded me, a big reason that Hill "knocks" on so many doors is that he uses home-school kids from around Chattanooga to do his door knocking for him. I think Hill should run for office there instead of here.

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Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Even Matthew Hill's Supporters Disagree With Him

Here’s a stay-at-home-blogger who is not too excited about Hill’s so-called attempt at DUI punishment reform.
The blogger also discussed Hill’s stupid waste of taxpayers' funds with his “Protecting English in the Workplace” bill. This is why he has a Christian Republican opponent this year. While Washington County loses out on road funding, Hill wastes his time on trying to pass laws that accomplish absolutely nothing. He is a clueless Sullivan Countian who also happens to be a U.S. military protestor. Plus, this looks like another example of government intruding into the private sector yet again. It’s pretty clear that Hill has never owned his own real business. I’m looking forward to a new rep this year, that’s for sure.
In other news, I think it’s is pretty funny that Jerome Cochran is trying to get his old seat back. I’m sure Gregory wants his puppet back in office. Like Hill, Cochran is good at getting little done. Here’s proof from the man that beat Cochran:
Following the meeting, Williams stood by his comments. “When I was first elected I went to TDOT to ask about the Northern Connector and they could not even find a file on it. That told me what the status was.”
I also thought that Ramsey had an interesting quote:
With a nod to the Democrats, Ramsey said his relationship with Bredesen has been good. “It is so nice to have a governor in the mold of Ned McWherter, who knows how to work with both sides and knows how to say ‘no’ and not make people mad,” Ramsey said.
More Proof That Hill Needs To Be Replaced

It sure seems ironic that U.S. military protester Matthew Hill talks about being proud of those who served in the U.S. military.
Journalists are taught to write in the inverted pyramid style, putting the most important information first and the least important information last. That is why I find it telling that Matthew Hill’s plans are the very last part of this story about our area’s representatives.
I find this story’s quote about Matthew Hill pretty telling too. The story was about accomplishments by area legislators in the 105th Assembly:
Attempts to reach Rep. Matthew Hill, R-Jonesborough, were unsuccessful.
If you want a change, vote for Todd Smith.

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