Monday, September 24, 2007


Was Timothy Hill Paid by Gregory to Vandalize Wikipedia?

Here's another story about Gregory going on the offensive. This story makes me wonder if Timothy Hill was following Gregory's orders, with taxpayers covering the tab, when he was vandalizing Wikipedia. Gregory has essentially been Timmy's bank while Timmy lived in the Tri-Cities. I find it very likely that Gregory would ask Timmy Hill to do something unethical, while simultaneously distributing a paper that says Gregory has done nothing unethical.

-GOP contributor sends letters to defuse critics. (KNS, 9.21.07)
The “precipitating event” for the Gregory donation defense effort, Holcomb said, was a recent controversy over attempts to revise biographies of U.S. Rep. David Davis and state Rep. Matthew Hill, R-Jonesborough, on Wikipedia, the Internet encyclopedia.

Timothy Hill, press secretary to Davis and brother of Matthew Hill, has acknowledged using Davis’ office computer in the editing attempts and, as a result, was ordered to attend ethics training classes by Davis’ chief of staff. Part of what Hill attempted to edit were references to the Gregory family and their donations to the congressman and Hill’s brother.

One of the documents distributed by Holcomb is a commentary on Wikipedia entries on Gregory, King Pharmaceuticals and company dealings with Tenn-Care over Altace.
-I also like how Gregory is annoyed that his man in Elizabethton got beat. Gregory has already given $5,000 to Jerome Cochroach, who lost his re-election bid in 2006. Cochran, who is a decently paid lawyer, is apparently using Gregory's money to run again in 2008. There are a lot of needy people in Carter County who could use that $5,000 more than someone the voters rejected just last year.

-By the way, the state Democratic party needs to return any money it received from that weirdo Hsu. He's a crook and his money is tainted. Don't worry, Gregory's money is tainted too.

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Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Hill Puts His Money Man on the Offensive

It looks like John Gregory sure is glad that Timmy Hill got busted for deleting info off of Wikipedia. Matthew Hill's landlord and sugar daddy doesn't think the people who take his money are doing enough to stand up for him.

-Former King CEO defends record, GOP contributions (KTN, 9.16.07)

Major Tennessee Republican campaign donor John Gregory is going on offense in an attempt to clear up his professional record and counter future attacks by Democrats.

One reason Gregory is doing it is because he apparently doesn’t think Republican leaders have done enough to defend him.

Gregory’s spokesman, business associate and former Tennessee state Sen. Jim Holcomb, has issued a “talking points” document defending Gregory’s campaign contributions to Republicans and his tenure as former King Pharmaceuticals chairman and CEO. Gregory declined to be interviewed for this story.

...The greatest frustration has been that most of the Democratic attack on the Gregorys is defensible while only token efforts have been made by our leadership to call their assertions lies and protect one of the party’s benefactors.”

...After Gregory left the company, King agreed in November 2005 to repay $124 million plus interest to resolve allegations that it underpaid rebates owed to the Medicaid program and overcharged various federal and state governmental entities for its drug products, according to the U.S. Department of Justice.

-The comments on this story are pretty telling too.

"I would ask the Gregorys not to be blindly devoted to the Republican Party however, in light of the Bush Republicans' positions towards outsourcing American's jobs, lack of immigration enforcement, NAFTA, etc. The current Republican platform has abandoned the very people who supported it, and we are abandoning the Republican Party until they change."

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Tri-Cities Voter Calls on Hill to Enlist

Here's a great letter to the editor that ran recently.

-Davis' staffers should enlist (BHC, 9-8-07).
Rep. David Davis, R-Tenn., is again in the news supporting the president’s foreign policy in Iraq, yet his congressional office is filled with young men and women who are of fighting age. Why is this so?

I call on Rep. Davis to ask all of his congressional staffers who are 42 years of age or less to make application to join the armed forces of the United States. If this Iraq war is as important as he wants his constituents to believe, then I believe it is imperative that he sets an example and does this. By this action, then his rhetorical bellicose speech will be more believable. I suspect this request will fall on deaf ears.

When it does, then we have more evidence that the Iraq war boils down to a three letter word and that word is spelled O-I-L. Is Iran next?

Gary M., Bluff City, Tenn.

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Saturday, September 08, 2007


Hill Update

Well, I'm sure everyone believes that Timmy Hill's antics had nothing to do with David Davis' chief of staff wanting to be a gardner. Davis had to talk her out of retiring.

Davis’ chief of staff to delay retirement.

Here's a quote from the Tennessee Report: “I had other interests I wanted to pursue — either go into the private sector or try some gardening.” — Brenda Otterson, on her decision to retire. She said the decision had nothing to do with a flap over press secretary Timothy Hill’s alterations to a Wikipedia biography of Davis. Several days after she announced her retirement, Davis announced she has now agreed to stay until the end of his term.

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