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Was Timothy Hill Paid by Gregory to Vandalize Wikipedia?

Here's another story about Gregory going on the offensive. This story makes me wonder if Timothy Hill was following Gregory's orders, with taxpayers covering the tab, when he was vandalizing Wikipedia. Gregory has essentially been Timmy's bank while Timmy lived in the Tri-Cities. I find it very likely that Gregory would ask Timmy Hill to do something unethical, while simultaneously distributing a paper that says Gregory has done nothing unethical.

-GOP contributor sends letters to defuse critics. (KNS, 9.21.07)
The “precipitating event” for the Gregory donation defense effort, Holcomb said, was a recent controversy over attempts to revise biographies of U.S. Rep. David Davis and state Rep. Matthew Hill, R-Jonesborough, on Wikipedia, the Internet encyclopedia.

Timothy Hill, press secretary to Davis and brother of Matthew Hill, has acknowledged using Davis’ office computer in the editing attempts and, as a result, was ordered to attend ethics training classes by Davis’ chief of staff. Part of what Hill attempted to edit were references to the Gregory family and their donations to the congressman and Hill’s brother.

One of the documents distributed by Holcomb is a commentary on Wikipedia entries on Gregory, King Pharmaceuticals and company dealings with Tenn-Care over Altace.
-I also like how Gregory is annoyed that his man in Elizabethton got beat. Gregory has already given $5,000 to Jerome Cochroach, who lost his re-election bid in 2006. Cochran, who is a decently paid lawyer, is apparently using Gregory's money to run again in 2008. There are a lot of needy people in Carter County who could use that $5,000 more than someone the voters rejected just last year.

-By the way, the state Democratic party needs to return any money it received from that weirdo Hsu. He's a crook and his money is tainted. Don't worry, Gregory's money is tainted too.

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I don't know if Hill was "payed'" for any such specific act, but I am thinking that over the past several years that the Hills have a rather deep obligation for accepting all those hundreds of thousands of Gregory dollars (likely including stock or other financial instruments) and moving in on the Grgeorys at the Leitner Pharmaceuticals Buuilding.

"No King But John!"
(I need to start typing at a large than p pt. font size...)

Brett Holcomb (son of former Tennessee State Senator James "Jim" Holcomb), webmaster of the Tennessee Conservative PAC has "auspiously" pulled PAC President John M. Gregory's "talking points" --- a strange title, in itself, for the position paper as the "pro-life" conservative John Gregory is seemingly not too agreeable with the idea of conducting direct interviews with inquiring news reporters about matters political pertaining to the Tennessee Conservative PAC, Republican receipients of his generous financing, the Altace flight of Tennessee General Assembly members aboard a King Corporate aircraft to meet with the then TennCare Director Brian Lapps, PAC position policy regarding the RU-486 abortion prescription drug, etc.

I wonder why? The "divinely" inspired Gregory " talking points" titled as "WikipediaWikipedia" --- a Microsoft Word document (.doc) that contains the "talking points" that Gregory apparently chooses not to publicly talk about outside of his closely held (and cash dependent) ring of Republican toadies and bootlickers --- that has been yanked off of the Tennessee Conservative PAC web site...

"No King But John!"
The fact that the talking points have been taken off the Web site makes me think that it is even more likely Gregory paid Timmy to vandalize wikipedia.
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