Friday, August 31, 2007


More Tri-Cities Voters Upset With Timothy Hill; More Punishment Coming in September?

Here are a couple of bloggers who are not too impressed with Matthew Hill’s brother, Timmy. One is from a Tri-Cities voter. The comments on that one are pretty rough on Hill too.

-A Slap on The Wrist (
.. is pretty much what David Davis’ aide, Timothy Hill, is getting for his escapades on Wikipedia.

…Show of hands. Who believes the lesson that Hill has learned from all this is to cover his tracks better next time?
-House Ethics Group Not Done With Davis Aide.
"It turns out that despite efforts from the 1st District Congressman David Davis, the House Ethics Committee is still reviewing what actions might be taken for Davis' PR Chief Timothy Hill who was caught removing factual details about contributors to Davis from the WikiPedia website.

...But the committee itself hasn't ruled on the case yet and likely won't until Congress re-convenes next month.

...The facts remain that Hill's work is likely a violation of ethics rules, despite protests to the contrary."

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