Friday, August 31, 2007


Matthew Hill's Brother Hurts Boss's Image in the Tri-Cities

Below is a scathing letter sent in to the Bristol Herald Courier by a Tri-Cities voter. Unfortunately, the Hills are not interested in living by true conservative Christian values.

-Davis should admit his gaffe. (8.26.07)
It was very discouraging to learn that U.S. Rep. David Davis does not like our dogs. However, it may have been even more disturbing that he would stoop to another new low by having his press aide attempt to alter or remove biographical information from the online encyclopedia, Wikipedia.

The material – which Rep. Matthew Hill’s brother and Kenneth Hill’s son, Timothy – attempted to remove involved Davis’ connection to the Gregory family/King Pharmaceutical cabal.

Davis was complicit in the infamous incident in which Sen. Ron Ramsey, Rep. Jason Mumpower, then-Rep. Steve Godsey [now Sullivan County mayor] and he flew to Nashville as guests aboard the King Pharmaceuticals corporate plane with the ambition of selling King’s antihypertensive drug, Altace, to the TennCare administrator. They were successful.

It was added to TennCare’s "preferred" drug list within weeks, just before that specific administrator of TennCare unexpectedly resigned. Soon thereafter, the price of Altace virtually doubled – enabling King Pharmaceuticals to fleece Tennessee taxpayers of millions of dollars.

If Mr. Davis is ashamed of his collusion in this ethical debacle, then why doesn’t he do the morally decent, Judeo-Christian thing and admit his gaffe?

Moreover, he could further redeem himself by returning the tens of thousands of dollars he has accepted in the form of personal campaign contributions from Gregory family members, King Pharmaceutical executives and the numerous reactionary, arch-conservative political action committees, which they both fund and control. As a result, he would clearly demonstrate the behavior of a true Christian conservative and would show everyone in Washington, D.C., some real East Tennessee values.

Greg W.
Kingsport, Tenn.

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