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Matthew Hill's Brother Accused of More Vandalism; Matt Bypassed for Dale

Though I doubt little Timmy Hill will lose his job, stories about his taxpayer-funded vandalism continue to pop up, including allegations that he made edits to more strange Wikipedia entries. And don't forget, he was erasing info on his big brother too.

-U.S. House Ethics Committee to examine congressional press secretary vandalizing Wikipedia articles with government computer. (from MensNewsDaily.com on Aug. 20)

This article has quite a bit more information on Timmy's actions:
"...Other interesting Wikipedia articles edited with the history detail revealing Rep. Davis Davis congressional office IP number (although not attributed to Hill) includes John Leslie (porn star) and sports professional Ray Jackson. The vandalism at the Jackson article was not directed toward the sports pro, but rather at a congressional staffer of the same name who is employed at the House Rules Committee.

...There is also an IP number indication that U.S. Rep. David Davis' congressional office has also been anonymously "shadowing" online blogs with at least one blog (The Tennessee Waltz) originating in East Tennessee with content that was critical toward Rep. Davis for his voting against the federal 2007 Animal Fighting Prohibition Act."
-David Davis' Press Secretary receives criticism over Wikipedia actions.(from News Channel 11 on Aug. 13)

Here's a gem from genius Matthew Hill: "I just have to admit that I was kind of like, 'what's the big deal,'" Matthew Hill said.

-Speaking of Matty Hill, the Aug. 19 Johnson City Press had an editorial about this whole mess with Timmy, David and Matthew. According to the paper, officials in the 7th District prefer rookie Rep. Dale Ford as their go-to guy when they need help. Not a surprise really. Hill better hope Dale doesn't buy a house in the 7th District anytime soon.

Tim was put on leave and is no longer in the DC office pending the ethics committee investigation. My understanding is this is an unpaid leave.
Hmmmm. I can only hope he does not end up back on the radio.
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I recall radio talk show host Mark Bernier as stating that Timothy Hill was on a paid leave...Rep. Davis' office has not posted anything about the matter at his congresional web site:


Hill clearly broke two major rules (with the force of federal law) of the U.S. House Ethics Commission by his Wikipedia vandalism that is de fact political campaign activity for Rep. David Davis :

Highlights of theHouse Ethics Rules
Campaign Activities


* No campaign activities allowed in any congressional office or room (including district offices)

* No use of congressional office resources (including equipment, supplies, or files) for any campaign purpose

These two violations of the U.S. House Ethics Committee perhaps have more serious consequences for Davis' press secretary than do Hill being caught in a lie and thenlater confessing to a Knoxville News-Sentinal reporter that he was responsible for vandalizing both the separate Wikipedia articles about Matthew Hill and David Davis.

There are some other issues as play here as well (e.g. conduct unbecoming of a U.S. House of Representatives employee that places the U.S. House of Representatives in a bad light).

CODE OF ETHICS FOR GOVERNMENT SERVICE Any person in Government service should:

1. Put loyalty to the highest moral principals and to country above loyalty to Government persons, party, or department.

3. Give a full day's labor for a full day's pay; giving to the performance of his duties his earnest effort and best thought.

If the U.S. House Ethics Committee does rule against Hill on utilizing the House congressional office s and computers in this Wikipedia matter, it has the potential of creating creating legal problems for Davis himself:

"In addition to congressional ethical standards and rulings, legal implications arise if salaries are claimed from public appropriations for individuals performing nonofficial, campaign services on behalf of a Member. As noted above, a Member may be held criminally liable for fraud against the Government for compensating individuals from public moneys for campaign services. (FOOTNOTE 76) In this connection, in 1979, a
former Member of the House of Representatives pleaded guilty to mail fraud and tax evasion for having placed on his congressional payroll 11 persons who were operating and staffing various reelection campaign headquarters. (FOOTNOTE 77)"

I do not think the U.S. House of Representatives should allow Rep. David Davis to be paying his press secretary to conduct political campaign for Davis within congressional offices and using federal computers and bandwidth --- this is a gross misuse and waste of U.S. taxpayers dollars!
I think it's also a civil rights violation. A federal employee censured accurate, protected, political speech. If Tim is too dumb to know what the First Amendment is then he surely should not be a Press Secretary. Did ya'll catch how Matthew didn't see the "big deal" was. Really he should think before he opens his big mouth.
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