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How Sad

Well, he purchased victory once again, though just barely. Looks like U.S. military protester Hill will defeat Phillips by about a slim 728 votes. Though Hill had much more money than Phillips, his margin of victory was quite small. That's more than 3,000 fewer votes than Hill received in 2004, which shows Hill isn't exactly getting more popular. I'm not sure how 8,000 people could be so dumb, but these results show that Hill remains one of the least liked representatives in Tennesseee.

It's just too bad so many people in the 7th District have bought the lie that Christians can only vote for Republicans. I don't know how people can go to church with the deceiver Hill and his daddy, who narrated Hill's attack ads.

My biggest consolation though, is that due to the groundswell of opposition, Hill spent more than $110,000 to win this seat. No effective legislator should have to spend that kind of money on attack ads to win a piddly state house seat. It is very clear that if any half-brained Republican decided to run against Hill in the next primary election, they will find plenty of support and an easy win. At least that's only about 18 months away.

Congratulations suck-muck, in spite of all your vilifications against the Hills, Christian radio stations, and anything else that doesn't suit your perverted views of right and wrong, your candidate lost.
Maybe this would be a good time for you to give up your waste of time blog and get a life. Or at least, maybe buy some mouthwash?
what's sad is that you wasted two years of your life on this blog.
Thanks for the intellingent comments Matty and Timmy. I've already ordered a case of mouthwash for you mud spewers and had it sent to 340 Edgemont Avenue in Bristol, thanks for the idea. I'm confidednt a real Christian will stand up to the Tammy Faye Baker-like Hills in the next primary election, driving them out just like Jesus did to the money changers in the temple. I have no problem spending time fighting a dirty politician because it's a democracy and I can. I don't think I would be bragging about a 700 vote win. And at least I have documented a number of illegal activities by this clan. I have no regrets at all.
What's sad is how obssessed Matt Hill is with reading this blog.
Yes getting i life now would be good for u Mr. leave. :-P
I came across this blog while serching for local results. I saw that picute that was posted about Matthew Hill being a protester, it looks like he was asking the person a question. If he was protesting wouldn't he have on one of those targets like the others have on? Seems like a stretch to say he was protesting.(didn't he have a radio talk show then?) This election across the board was full of half truths and innuendos, I'm all for free speech as long as it's truth and not spun or spawned from imaginations to damage someone of whom people are jealous. Anywho, I've met Mr. Hill on numerous occasions and congratulate him on his win. Mr. Phillips should work with Mr. Hill for the betterment of Washington Co. And maybe this blogger should do that too instead of throwing stones and ducking.
You people who doubt Hill is a war protester are unbeleiveable. Hill was protesting that day because he organized the thing. Ask Gary Melvin, who was there with him.
How can you say he bought it? He was out spent almost 2 to 1.
The amount of money Matthew Hill raised and spent was more than Phillips. You can look it up yourself. According to the Johnson City Press, in October, Phillips spent $31,000 while Hill spent $68,000 on attack ads alone.

I suppose that the next inquiry should be with the Internal Revenue Service and pertaining as to why Appalachian Educational Communication Corporation (d.b.a. WHCB 91.5FM) failed to file a 2002 Form 990 "Return of Organization Exempt From Income Tax" as pursuant to the IRC...


quoting anonymous [in denial]

I came across this blog while serching for local results. I saw that picute that was posted about Matthew Hill being a protester, it looks like he was asking the person a question. If he was protesting wouldn't he have on one of those targets like the others have on? Seems like a stretch to say he was protesting.(didn't he have a radio talk show then?)

Here are several facts that readily refute your easy speculations as to why Kosovo war protester Matthew Hill was at the War Memorial in Bristol, Virginia and actively protesting the U.S. Military Air Campaign in Kosovo:

as for your lame suggestion that Hill only "interviewing" the "bona fide" protesters for his weekday "Good Morning Tri-Cities" radio show, you should first click on the image file link, and examine the larger image file that opens into your browser --- the larger image file clearly shows Hill is holding a folded copy of the "bulls-eye" target war protest flyer in his right hand (as opposed to a non-existing microphone that is plugged into either a non-existingDAT or tape recorder);

Hill frequently and forecfully stated his own opposition to the U.S. military air campaign in Kosovo during his "Good Morning Tri-Cities" broadcasts;

Hill participated within the 1999 Britsol war protest on a Saturday ("Good Morning Tri-Cities" did not then and does not now air GMTC over WPWT 870 AM on either Saturday or Sunday);

there is not any indication found within the printed local news media (photo, caption, or newspaper articles) wherein Matthew Hill represents himself as being present as the Kosovo protest as either representative of the news media or on assignment as a WPWT 870AM talk show host (in which case, the real news reporters covering the Bristol war protest would have not interviewed or reported Hill as only being a "war protester");

other identified protesters (those named within the news paper articles) will tell you in person that Hill was participating at the 1999 Bristol, Virginia war protest in the capacity of a "war protester".
it's getting nasty in here.......

I propose a week's truce and let Matthew enjoy his victory.......

There's plenty of time coming up to expose Matthew's right wing homophobic taliban agenda........
I saw my name come up on this. You can draw your own conclusion, but Matthew did indeed protest the War in Kosovo. However you want to take it, well, that is up to the reader. I have the radio tapes where he broadcast this on the air and Matthew announced that he was going to protest that war. I ought to know. I was there and I have other witnesses. So, if you weren't there, please stop trying to spin the story. You don't know what you are talking about. Personally, I don't see any problem with protesting a war. It is your Constitutional right.

Gary W. Melvin
Bluff City, TN
The point being is that it is hypocritical for former WPWT 870AM "Good Morning Tri-Cities" Matthew Hill to use his radio show to call those critical of President Bush's decision to invade Iraq as "unpatriotic" (and worse) given the FACT that Matthew Hill was protesting U.S. and NATO troops during the Kosovo Air Campaign...

I am sure that you will have Matthew Hill's rants toward Iraq War protesters in your audio tape files as well...
You LOST! Matthew WON! Matthew is truly the champion for conservative Christians in the 7th. This blog made an impact...for me to poop on!
How do you poop on a blog? What a weirdo.
To be Christian means one should be at least somewhat Christ like. That's not Matthew Hill, and if he doesn't repent of his unsubstantiated lies and attacks, he'll find that out eventually. I wonder if there is such a thing as a Christian politician.
Who are YOU to comment on the actions of who or how Christ would act? You have lied repeatedly on this crappy blog. You have no right to comment anymore...you have LOST! Go home...hang your head in shame.
Unlike Matthew Hill, I have not lied and I have provided links and proof for my claims. The fact that you don't like the truth is not my problem. I read my Bible and what I find is not like Matthew Hill.
Love is in the air!!!!
Matt Hill completely lied about Patton when he said he supported abortion. That's why a lot of Republican, Christian voters supported Fred.
Bob Patton...has been. Why even mention him. The only one that remembers him is liberal wannabes. He lost. Fred lost. Salida you have lost. You spent two years trying to hurt Hill and defeat him. Now, we all need to bring up God and play nice. No way. Hang it up pedro. You have lost!
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