Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Local Voter Condemns Matthew Hill's Antics

The following, which was aimed directly at Matthew Hill and his campaign "debauchery," ran in the Nov. 1 Johnson City Press:
Don’t be swayed by advertisements and they might end them
Are we as stupid as these ultra-conservatives think we are? In any campaign where they are challenged, they barrage us with advertisements of half-truths and innuendos against their opponent and believe we will be fooled into voting for their candidate.

These ads are obviously targeted to people who do not familiarize themselves with the issues and backgrounds of the candidates. Regrettably we are currently being hammered by three such races. The local 7th District State House race is a prime example of this strategy.

In the last primary we watched them do a hatchet job on Bob Patton and lost a good, hard-working representative in the process. Now they are doing the same thing to Fred Phillips. Let us be clear, these are not local people orchestrating and funding these attack media campaigns. The numerous ad agency-produced commercials and the media to support them are very expensive.

To whom does the candidate who is the benefactor of this strategy and funding owe their allegiance? Is it the people of the 7th District or the people who put them in office? I believe we all know the answer to that.

The sad result of this type of campaigning is that it drives away a lot of intelligent, experienced people who could serve us well. They just will not subject themselves to this debauchery.

Please do not be swayed by these assaults. Whichever candidates you support, take the time to learn about their background and stance on the issues. Choose who you vote for because of the facts and not some misleading advertisement.

Maybe if these horrible things no longer worked they would stop inflicting them on us.
DENNIS W., Johnson City
The sure fire way to stop this is by voting against Matthew Hill.

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