Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Matthew Hill: A Liar Funded by Outsider, Special Interest Groups

According to the Oct. 15 Johnson City Press, Matthew Hill has been lying, again. Fred Phillips has called out Matthew Hill for claiming that he met face-to-face with Gov. Phil Bredesen to lobby for the creation of the pharmacy school at ETSU. Looks like Hill is busted:

According to Mark Brown, a former legislative staffer for Bredesen, there is no record of Hill ever having had such “a sitdown with the governor.”

Also, in the Oct. 12 Johnson City Press, Matthew Hill accused Fred Phillips of running a campaign that was funded by special interest groups outside of the 7th District. This was one of the dumbest things I have ever seen a politician do, and the Oct. 13 Johnson City Press demonstrated that Matthew Hill was lying (an excerpt can be found at the end of this post). Hill received $46,620 in donations from 16 people or groups (including one in Atlanta!), but only two people from the 7th District gave Hill a total of $7,000. It’s pretty clear Hill does not serve the 7th District.

Phillips, on the other hand, received $13,000 from 15 people, with only two of those people living outside of the 7th District. It’s pretty clear that people in the 7th District don’t want Hill.

What I find even more comical is that Hill’s campaign mailers accuse Phillips of being “funded by the Washington County political machine.” According to an article the Oct. 15 Johnson City Press, the Republican Party is the political machine in Washington County.
For Hill, a Republican, $1,000 contributors to his general election campaign included Barbara McAndrew Iris Fund of Memphis, Rep. Jimmy Eldridge of Jackson, John and Joan Gregory of Bristol — $1,000 apiece, Rep. Steve McDaniel of Parker Crossroads(West Tenn.), Rep. Richard Montgomery of Seymour, Rep. Jason Mumpower of Bristol, the National Health Corp. PAC of Murfreesboro, the Volunteer PAC of Nashville, VOTEKELSEY.com of Memphis and Justin Wilson of Nashville.

Contributions in excess of $1,000 for the Hill campaign came from the Git R Dunn PAC of Knoxville for $2,000 and $2,500, the Johnson City Professional Firefighters PAC for $5,000, the United Parcel Service PAC-Tn. out of Atlanta for $1,500 and the Washington County Republican Executive Committee for $2,000.

Hill’s in-kind contributions came from the House Republican Caucus of Nashville for field staff, polling and mail in donations of $1,500, $7,000 and $7,120.

Phillips, the Democratic nominee, received $1,000 contributions for the general election from Bo Deaton of Johnson City, Cathy Essin of Johnson City, William Kincaid of Johnson City, John G. Love of Johnson City, Kenneth Nelson of Limestone, Doug Phillips of Johnson City, James and Sandy Powell of Johnson City as well as James Powell Jr. of Brentwood, Seth and Helen Tallman of Johnson City, Mudge Tallman of Limestone and Allen Wolfe of Kingsport.

In-kind contributions came from D.J. Jesse and Thomas Jesse of Johnson City.

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