Friday, October 13, 2006


Matthew Hill Gets Called Out for Deception

A great article in the Oct. 12 Johnson City Press pointed out that Matthew Hill received $35,000 in campaign money from outside the 7th District. The donations came from House Republican Leader Bill Dunn and the Tennessee House GOP Caucus, which is clearly afraid that Hill is going to lose. Hill's response was to state that Phillips' campaign money mostly consisted of donations from outside the 7th District. Hill must be dyslexic because it is him, not Phillips, who has received almost all of his money for every election from outside the 7th District. What a dumb statement to make when people can look up the numbers on the Tennessee Registry of Election Finance Web site.

In response, Phillips said Hill’s campaign finance statement shows that Hill’s support is coming mostly from outside the county.

Ninety eight percent of my contributions are Washington County and 98 percent of his is outside Washington County from people who don’t vote. Who’s he representing?” Phillips, Tennessee’s former safety commissioner and ex-Washington County sheriff, said of Hill.

...Phillips said he is pointing to state documentation that Hill produced no specific highway projects for Washington County and had no face-to-face meetings with Bredesen to generate support for East Tennessee State University’s newly created pharmacy school.

My opponent is trying to claim credit for everything within the last three or four years,” Phillips said of Hill. “There was nothing during his two years. All he has done is occupy a seat and he hasn’t brought a lot back. It bothers me that he has taken credit for everything.”

You might also want to check for likely indirect Gregory donations to Hill's 2006 campaign through such PACs at Rep. Bill Dunn's GIT ER DUNN PAC...although the dates do not align up exactly, I recall a James M. Gregory (student) put $9,000 into the Dunn PAC and the Dunn PAc gave Hill approximately $9,500.
correction: GET IT DUNN PAC

and "dyslexic"
So, what do we know anything about the past alleged sexual harrassment charges that have been leveled against Phillips?
I don't know about alleged sexual harrassment charges on Phillips, but I have heard rumors that Hill used money from his daddy's nonprofit as the down payment for his Telford home. Then Hill "reimbursed" the nonprofit, which was all very illegal.
you mean to say Jonesborough home?
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