Monday, August 07, 2006


Matthew Hill Continues to Push for Firefighter Unions

Overall, I was pleased with the way the elections turned out last week. Gregory-funded Jerome Cochran was defeated in Carter County, and way more Republicans in Washington County voted for moderate Bob Corker than the combined votes for conservatives Ed Bryant and Van Hilleary. Also, Dale Ford defeated Patti Jarrett, who seemed a little too Hill-like for me. These developments do not bode well for Matthew Hill, in my opinion. Cochran was the one declaring that Phillips had no business running against Hill.

It was unfortunate that David Davis appears to have won the Republican nomination for Jenkins’ old seat, since Davis is funded by Gregory money, and since 17 year-old looking Timmy Hill (more on him at the bottom) is working on his campaign.

Hilly boy and Fred Phillips obviously won their primaries since they were unopposed. Hill did receive more votes in his primary, but that is because so many Republicans turned out to vote for Frist’s replacement. What I found interesting was that 48 people wrote in someone else to be their Republican nomination for 7th District Representative. That is pretty funny to me.

And speaking of Matthew Hill, if you look at this interview with him, you will see that he has no intention of abandoning his firefighters unionization bill, the same bill that almost everyone in the state, especially conservatives, reject. However, Fred Phillips clearly opposes it. It almost appears that Hill is trying to lose the election on purpose.

Back to 17-year old looking Timmy Hill (pictured above), hasn’t his daddy’s radio station been giving a ton of advertising and on-air interviews to David Davis while not doing the same for any of the other candidates who were vying for Jenkins’ old seat? Isn’t that illegal, when you own a broadcasting company? The Hill clan has no respect for ethics or moral boundaries. And why is this kid telling the Tri-Cities what to think politically? He can’t even grow facial hair.

***ADDENDUM, 8-8-06: I also meant to note earlier that John Lundberg, the owner of the Bristol PR firm The Corporate Image, won the Republican primary for the 1st District by a mere 20 votes. John employs Tennessee State Rep. Jason Mumpower, who receives plenty of Gregory money. What I find interesting is that Lundberg did not blabber on and on about religion on his campaign Web site, which is a relief and not surprising if you know him. However, I wondered if that upset the Gregory clan. It's very un-Matthew Hill and Ron Ramsey.

By the way, Lundberg also briefly employed Bristol Motor Speedway's Kevin Tripplett, who was trounced in the 2004 election by Virginia's Rick Boucher. I am pretty confident Gregory money was involved there too, but I don't know for sure.

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