Saturday, August 02, 2008


Todd Smith v Matthew Hill

-This great JC Press story about campaign donations shows that Matthew Hill has a ton of money, but almost zero support from the 7th District. There’s nothing like letting Sullivan Countians run Washington County!

-Here’s a great story about Smith and Hill. I especially like how Hill is scared to debate Smith publicly. I also like how Hill acts like his lack of securing road money is not that big of a deal. This editorial goes into more detail about how hard Hill has had to work at avoiding a debate.

-This JC Press story demonstrates how Matthew Hill lies like there is no tomorrow. He is as unchristian as they come. He said that Smith will raise the gas tax all by himself, hoping to make voters afraid of Smith. Smith has countless times said publicly that he will oppose a gas tax increase, and Hill knows this.
I got a big chuckle from Hill saying Smith had special interests funding him. Hill has had nothing but non-7th District special interests funding him since 2004, and Hill’s special interest money is 8 times more than any of his opponents have received, due almost entirely to the Gregory machine.
This story also demonstrates Smith’s support for veterans, something Hill doesn’t get since he protested against the U.S. military a few years back! Hill has refused to acknowledge or apologize to veterans for it.

-Here’s a great editorial highlighting how Matthew Hill will use his new child as an advertising prop. Of course Hill also put a picture of his child at 21 weeks on there to subliminally suggest that Smith is pro-abortion. At least Hill is not outright lying about Smith, like Hill did with Patton on abortion. That lie that Hill spread is the only reason he beat Patton by 400 votes in 04'.

Houk also made a great point about Hill talking about opposing gay marriage. We overwhelmingly passed a constitutional amendment two years ago. The issue is settled and it’s time for our 7th District Rep to actually get something done.

I like how Ford isn’t supporting Hill. I heard that Ford wanted to advance some legislation regarding divorced parents being punished for turning in false reports to DHS against the other spouse, but Hill would have none of it because of how it affected someone close to him.

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