Monday, March 31, 2008


Matthew Hill Called a Pig for Wasteful Spending

Well, Matthew Hill was one of three lawmakers called out by the Tennessee Center for Policy Research, run by Johnson City native Drew Johnson.
Wasteful Spending Continues for the Three Little Pigs of Washington County

Everyone remembers the fairy tale about the “Three Little Pigs.” You may not know, however, that we have our very own version of the Three Little Pigs right here in Washington County. In the fairy tale version, the Three Little Pigs leave home to seek their fortunes, learning valuable life lessons along the way. The Three Little Pigs in the Washington County version are state legislators who leave home to spend your money, forgetting their promises of fiscal responsibility in the process.

Washington County’s Three Little Pigs are state Sen. Rusty Crowe and state Reps. Dale Ford and Matthew Hill. All three of these state legislators, each of whom is Republican, claims to be a fiscal conservative and a responsible steward of your tax dollars. Unfortunately, for taxpayers, those claims appear to be fairy tales...

Matthew Hill, who, to his credit, was against the idea of the pork grants when they came up on the House floor, was quick to present one of the oversized checks. In a quote to the Johnson City Press, Hill proclaimed “it’s always a good thing when I can bring home money to the community.” While the vote-buying practice of sprinkling pork throughout a district in a way that benefits a few people at the expense of all other taxpayers may be a “good thing” for Rep. Hill, I imagine most taxpayers don’t believe that it’s a good thing for them.

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