Monday, November 26, 2007


Who is Todd Smith?

So, who is this Todd Smith who is rumored to possibly run against Matthew Hill? Doesn't a Todd Smith work at the Millenium Centre? Trust me, Todd is not the only one considering running, but others just don't like having to go against the Gregory bank account.

On an unrelated note, here's another Matthew Hill mention in the JC Press' online forum.

You'll be glad to hear this. Hilly Boy's only scheduled fund raiser before the legislative session was canceled by the host. So according to records, Hillbert has around $300 COH and can't raise any until end of May early June of next year. That leaves him with roughly 2 months to raise money and effectively spend it. Maybe he can get a part time job working at McDonalds as their Grimmace mascot.
Who cares who Todd Smith is so long as he doesn't believe that Adam and Eve rode dinosaurs Fred Flintstone style... as Matthew Hill does.
Rep. Matthew Hill can always get the Rev. Daddy Dr. Kenney Hill to float him an interest-free loan from the Appalachian Education Communication Corporation (d.b.a. WHCB 91.5FM) "your tithes to Jesus" treasury...or the state representat could always revive his enormously successful "almost always closed during normal business hours" bogus downtown Jonesborough coffee stop during the next election cycle.
A literal belief in Rep. Hill's far-right Evangelical biblical account of creation also entails a literal belief in:

1) : a flat earth;
2): rain pouring from windows in the sky;
3): the sun rotating around the flat earth (with the flat earth being supported on pillars;
Gotta love anonymous people who write a lot about things they know very little about. Like God or christians or really anything. Just ingnorant people that have a personal vendetta. I don't know the Hills but I do know my lord and I think he would be offended.
I agree that the Lord would be offended that Matthew implied the resurrection will not occur.
There are plenty of people, such as myself, who have no problem believing in the Bible's account of creation. There are also plenty of Christians, such as myself, who find the Hills' use of and pleas for money in the name of Jesus to be very shady.
You'll be glad to hear that Patti Jarret announced she is running and said that anyone against Matthew was against her and she didn't want their help.
It looks like the true conservative will be Todd Smith.

Todd Smith -- 1. Private Christian School Graduate (Milligan College) 2. Veteran

Matthew Hill -- 1. Godless State University Graduate (ETSU) 2. War Protestor

Now who is the liberal??

P.S. Matthew also supports Fred Thompson who is an adulterer according to the standards of Jesus. See Gospel of Matthew 19:3.

Why does Matthew hate gay people and not hate adulterers??

????????????????????? Puzzling?????
Yeah...let's ask Patti Jarrett on the campaign trail what her policy statement is regarding the RU-486 abortion drug (not to be confused with the Plan B "morning after" contraception drug). Or just exactly what Jesus said in the New Testament --- in the red text , Patti --- specifically about abortion. Or the apostles for that matter...

Here is the Jama Oliver link to the Todd Smith story in the Johnson City Press:

Nov 28, 2007; Section:Upstate; Page Number:1B
Smith set to challenge Hill for 7th House seat
Abortion surely occurred during Jesus' time, but it was still a brutal act of death. However, those who oppose abortion, as I do, rarely acknowledge that many of their male ancestors would claim to be fine Christian men, while sleeping with multiple women, and forcing those in lower castes to get abortions. Equally troubling was the men who wouldn't allow their wives to have birth control, essentially mandating that women have babies once a year for more than a decade, wreaking terrible havoc on the children's and the wives' bodies. Taking a life is wrong, but so is hypocrisy and treating women like property.
I know first hand that Hill boy was previously floated a loan from the family business to buy a home. I cannot leave my name, but let's just say I have inside information. I know he was stepping and fetching to get the money back to the money pot before it was discovered...sounds like had this been legal he would have not been trying to hide it or so hasty to pay it back... He and his entire clan are crooks... bottom line.
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