Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Tri-Cities Voter Calls on Hill to Enlist

Here's a great letter to the editor that ran recently.

-Davis' staffers should enlist (BHC, 9-8-07).
Rep. David Davis, R-Tenn., is again in the news supporting the president’s foreign policy in Iraq, yet his congressional office is filled with young men and women who are of fighting age. Why is this so?

I call on Rep. Davis to ask all of his congressional staffers who are 42 years of age or less to make application to join the armed forces of the United States. If this Iraq war is as important as he wants his constituents to believe, then I believe it is imperative that he sets an example and does this. By this action, then his rhetorical bellicose speech will be more believable. I suspect this request will fall on deaf ears.

When it does, then we have more evidence that the Iraq war boils down to a three letter word and that word is spelled O-I-L. Is Iran next?

Gary M., Bluff City, Tenn.

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