Saturday, September 08, 2007


Hill Update

Well, I'm sure everyone believes that Timmy Hill's antics had nothing to do with David Davis' chief of staff wanting to be a gardner. Davis had to talk her out of retiring.

Davis’ chief of staff to delay retirement.

Here's a quote from the Tennessee Report: “I had other interests I wanted to pursue — either go into the private sector or try some gardening.” — Brenda Otterson, on her decision to retire. She said the decision had nothing to do with a flap over press secretary Timothy Hill’s alterations to a Wikipedia biography of Davis. Several days after she announced her retirement, Davis announced she has now agreed to stay until the end of his term.

She only agreed to stay on if she had more control over "HIS" staff. It's still a "Tim" thang.
What is the difference between 'His' staff and who is already in his stinky office?
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