Thursday, August 23, 2007


Matthew Hill's Brother Goes Back to School

Well, it appears that Timmy Hill's fate for taxpayer-funded vandalism is having to learn how a press secretary is supposed to be behave.

UPDATE on 8.24.07: Matthew Hill Noticed by the AP & the Tennessean
-Press aide who altered Wikipedia bios to attend classes.

-Davis aide to attend conduct classes (Knoxville News-Sentinel, 8.23.07).
U.S. Rep. David Davis will require his press secretary, Timothy Hill, to attend classes on appropriate conduct for congressional staff members because of Hill’s attempted alterations of Wikipedia entries using an office computer.
-Staffer who altered Wikipedia entry to attend conduct class. (KTN on 8.23.07)

-Staffer who altered Wikipedia entry to attend conduct class. (Oak Ridger on 8.23.07)

-Davis' Press Secretary Going to Class. (

-Rep. Davis’ press secretary to take classes after Wikipedia problem .(Knoxville News-Sentinel, 8.22.07)
Brenda Otterson, chief of staff for Davis, said Hill will attend the classes each Friday in September. She said the requirement is considered discipline...

-Congressman Davis' press secretary will attend "appropriate conduct" classes. (BHC 8.23.07)

-Congressional press aide disciplined for 'net alterations.' (KNS Blog, 8.22.07)

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Do you suppose that Timmy will be allowed to "home school" these Ethics Committee classes back at his parents' Blountville home?
I think little Timmy already received a faulty homeschool education from his dad and brother in regard to ethics.
Timmy placed an ad in todays Johnson City Press for David about ETSU pride. The ad says "State Representative" David Davis.
Unbelievable. Timmy brings national negative attention to his boss and then screws up a simple newspaper ad in Davis' home city. I think a monkey would make a better press secretary.
d for their bananas!
Yeah...monkeys don't lie and they work hard for their bananas.

You know, NASA had chimpanzees to ride to space in th earliest Mercury capsules...why couldn't U.S. Rep. David Davis hire a monkey to be his next Congressional Press Liar?
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