Friday, November 03, 2006


One More Local Voter Turned Off by Matthew Hill

The following ran in the Johnson City Press on Nov. 3. There have been a ton of anti-Hill letters in the last month. Hill has had a few supporting letters, but almost all of them have been political favors by Republican representatives who live in other parts of the state. He is trying his best to make it look like his own district likes him.

Matt Hill’s half truths
I received another of Fred Phillips’ opponent’s mailouts today, and I am amazed at how he (Rep. Matthew Hill) has mastered the half-truth process. He implies that he voted for a pension increase for retired teachers and state law enforcement employees. However he forgot to mention that he also voted for House Bill 3266 and Amendment 2 that does give himself a pay raise that states “Provided, however, the first adjustment under subsection (e) shall occur on November 7, 2006, and on each July 1 thereafter, in accordance with the preceding sentence for persons who are in service on the effective date of this act.” Meaning yes, he voted himself a raise this Nov. 7 and a cost-ofliving allowance for every year from now on, (if he’s still in office).

He claims he brought $200 million to Washington County this year. Of course he forgot to tell you those are routine reoccurring budget items. He claimed he personally had two “sit down” meetings with the governor concerning the pharmacy school at East Tennessee State University. In an interview published today, he now admits he “mentioned” it to the governor. There’s a lot of difference in two meetings and a “mention.” Of course his memory returned when the governor was in town recently.

I have known Philips for his entire 42 year law enforcement career and no one has ever questioned his integrity or honesty. Now his opponent does, because he has been unable to govern effectively.
JEAN C., Piney Flats

And don't forget, there are plenty of other reasons why you should vote against Matthew Hill.

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