Monday, October 30, 2006


Local Veterans Endorse Phillips, Not War Protester Matthew Hill

According to the Oct. 30 Johnson City Press, the Rolling Thunder Inc., Chapter 4 Tennessee, has endorsed Fred Phillips instead of Matthew Hill.
In its endorsement, the chapter cited Phillips’ military experience. Phillips served in Korea with the Army’s 24th Infantry Division.

The chapter also noted his many years of service in Nashville developing respect and contacts, his personal friendship with Commissioner John Keys of the Tennessee Department of Veterans Affairs, and his friendships with many others, including Gov. Phil Bredesen and former Gov. Ned McWherter.
The paper also reported that, both Matthew Hill and Fred Phillips attended a flag retirment ceremony hosted by the Daniel Boone High School Marine Corps JROTC, the David Crockett Navy JROTC and the Jonesborough Flag Committee.
Hill said attending the ceremony made him think of friends and family who have served in the military.

“It helps bring their sacrifice home ...,” Hill said, “and reminds me of how grateful I am to be an American.”

Phillips served in Korea with the Army for 16 months. He said the flag is important to every man, woman and child in this country and everyone should revere it.

“I think those that would desecrate the flag of the United States don’t deserve to live in this country,” he said.
I wonder what Phillips thinks of Matthew Hill protesting against his friends and family in the U.S. military? Hill was photographed and named in the caption in the Bristol Herald Courier. And don't forget, Matthew Hill said in Jonesborough that it was not his "calling" to enlist in the military. Good thing it was the "calling" of people like Fred Phillips.

Here we go again. I am the veteran that posted earlier in the day. The one that has talked to Hill boy. The respondant to my post sounds a lot like Hill himself or little brother Timmy. I would like to know what memeber of the the Hill family served, where, and when? I do not think you have to serve to have a voice... we serve to GIVE you that voice. BUT DO NOT PRETEND TO BE SOMETHING YOU ARE NOT MR. HILL. If you are such a patriot...I implore you schedule a press conference at the VA...invite every vet you knwo and take RANDOM question BEFORE the election.
I agree. Just face the music Matthew Hill. It's your first amendment right to protest against the U.S military. But don't act like those protesting against the president and Iraq are any different than you are. But do remember, it wasn't Hill's "calling" to enlist. I guess it was my brother's "calling" to go to Afghanistan.
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