Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Another Local Voter Annoyed with Matthew Hill’s Lies

This letter to the editor ran in the Oct. 18 Johnson City Press.
Hill distorts facts
The latest fact distortion from Fred Phillips’ opponent appeared in my mailbox today. He attempts to manufacture talking points, but state Rep. Matthew Hill sorely misses his goal.

“He wants to end the practice of issuing driving certificates to illegal aliens.” I understood Phillips introduced the process to end that practice and was copied by several other states. Several illegal immigrants have been apprehended because of that process.

“Wrote law to crack down on drag racing and make it a criminal act punishable by jail time.” He forgot to mention that he personally withdrew Amendment 2- (HA-1094) to House Bill 2671 that created a Class D felony offense of injuring another while using nitrous oxide. By the way, some of his [Hill's] major contributors market nitrous oxide.

“End the sales tax on food.” He thinks that is a great idea, but how does he replace the revenue that is shared with local governments used for education? So he actually would be taking money from Washington County, Johnson City and Jonesborough students.

He also states Phillips is backed by the Washington County political machine. I suggest reviewing his contributors listing if you really want to know who’s backed by special interest groups. As far as his assertion of a state income tax, I believe it was a Republican, former Gov. Don Sundquist, who wanted that tax.

He states that “Fred Phillips is a nice man and his intentions are good.” At least he’s right on that point.
KEN B., Limestone

Does Matthew Hill understand his Job? Does he understand Geography? Why is he so concerned about construction of an interstate highway thru west Tennessee? Does he really think that peope would not drive thru Tennessee if there was no interstate there?

Mathew Hills infatuation concerning "English spoken in the workplace".... Which version of English will we have to use? East Tennessee English? The Queens English? Will Medical doctors have to start writing prescriptions in English instead of Latin? What about Catholic Priests- No mor latin there either? Will Chineese restaurants mess up the take out orders if they have to speak English?

Why is Mathew Hill wasting so much time on negative issues...

Jeff Dupre
Jonesborough TN
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