Saturday, January 08, 2005


The Tennessee Right to Life and Hilly boy

Again, I am against abortion. Read the first right to life post. However, I do not support unethical behavior by anti-abortionists.

Though Brian Harris might have good intentions, I beleive he is gearing up to run for the Tennessee Senate soon. His main reason for endorsing Hilly boy was not that Patton supported abortion, but that Patton was not militantly enough against abortion. And Hilly boy just said whatever Harris wanted to hear.

Again, it is fine with me that Patton got defeated. But it is not fine that Harris will not tell the truth. He and his lobbyist pushed the Right to Life license plate bill to the Tennessee House. The proceeds from the sale of these plates were going to support an organization that helps pregnant women seek adoption. All of this is great and good. However, the mailing address for the organization was exactly the same as the Tennessee Right to Life's address. To abortion supporters this looked like nothing more than a front and a trick for the TRTL to get taxpayer money. Patton saw this and knew that abortion supporters would just get their own plate and/or sue the state of Tennessee with the ACLU to stop the plate.

Harris could not stand that Patton would not fly full steam ahead into guaranteed failure. And what is going on now? The state of Tennessee is tied up in a lawsuit with the ACLU over the plate. And guess who is paying for this lawsuit? You and I. You would think all the rabid anti-tax groups, of which supposedly Hilly boy is a part of, would put their foot down. But nope, that's not what Harris commanded.

You should research your facts before you post blasphemous slander about someone. Brian Harris is a man of God and he is not a liar. I happen to know him personally and he has done alot of good for Tennessee Right to Life.
Good Day.
P.S. He is not going to run for senate either, more proof that you need to research your facts before you set out to write untrue articles.
"Blasphemous slander" about Brian Harris...?

Really don't really believe that Brian Harris is God, do you?
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