Monday, April 11, 2016

The Lying Liar Rep. Matthew Hill busted over his lying lie about COSTCO supposedly relocating to the I26 Boone's Creek Exit in Washington County Rep. Matthew Hill

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Sunday, August 09, 2009


Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey, Team Ramsey GOPers kick TNGA House Speaker Kent Williams to the curb at Blountville campaign rally

Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey
Rep.Matthew Hill

Watch the video - Lt. Governor Ron Ramsey and other TNGA GOPers on stage at a recent Team Ramsey campaign rally in Blountville snubbed TNGA House Speaker Kent Williams, leaving the House Speaker in the crowd to rather pathetically wave his handmade sign in support of Ron Ramsey...and Williams does not look none too happy about the rejection in the Kingsport Times-News video clip.

Ramsey brings gubernatorial campaign to hometown of Blountville
By Hank Hayes
Published August 6th, 2009
Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey

BLOUNTVILLE — An emotional Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey insisted Thursday night he’s got the right kind of state government experience to be Tennessee’s next governor at a rally held before a throng of approving home folks.

With the streets blocked off in front of the Sullivan County Courthouse, the Blountville Republican made his case as the best candidate to win the 2010 GOP nomination to friends and a number of supportive Republican lawmakers on a clear and warm August evening.

“I look out here on this crowd and I literally see friends ... from Mountain City to Memphis and everywhere in between.... I can tell you in the House of Representatives no candidate for governor has more support than Ron Ramsey does,” House GOP Leader Jason Mumpower, Ramsey’s protege from Bristol, told the crowd before Ramsey was introduced.

The rally marked one year before the 2010 GOP gubernatorial primary.

Among the supportive state senators was Church Hill Republican Mike Faulk, who introduced Ramsey as the best candidate to deal with the state’s economy.


House Speaker Kent Williams, a Carter County Republican who was kicked out of the Tennessee Republican Party after his surprise Democrat-aided victory over Mumpower in the speaker’s election, stood on the street with the crowd and not with other pro-Ramsey GOP lawmakers behind the stage.

“I think Ron has a great chance to win.... I think it’s a wide open race,” Williams said of Ramsey.

No word yet as to when Lt. Governor Ramsey and Team Ramsey will get around to hiring a midget with a broom to work for Ramsey during the upcoming Tennessee 2010 gubernatorial campaign.

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Saturday, August 08, 2009


TRA Director Kenneth C. Hill lies to the FCC about being "American Indian/Alaskan Native";
TN voter records reveal a different story

Revelation 21:8 - All Liars
"The cowardly, the unbelieving, the vile, the murderers, the sexually immoral, those who practice magic arts, the idolaters and all liars - their place will be in the fiery lake of burning sulfur. This is the second death."

Tennessee Regulatory Authority Director Kenneth C. Hill
Radio evangelical paleface and newly minted Tennessee Regulatory Authority Director Kenneth C. Hill

Tennessee Regulatory Authority Director Kenneth C. Hill
October 12, 2004 print screen of Hill's public voter information then on file at the Sullivan County, Tennessee Election Commission office. (white)

Tennessee Regulatory Authority Director Kenneth C. Hill
Hill's application for voter registration on file at the Sullivan County (Tennessee) Election Commission office on October 12, 2004 - note: Hill at the date was voting in the wrong House District at this time as he resided at 139 Polo Drive in Blountville.(W)

Tennessee Regulatory Authority Director Kenneth C. Hill
WPWT Owner Information - see FCC 323 OWNERSHIP REPORT FOR COMMERCIAL BROADCAST STATIONS BOA - 20080318AAH (WPWT 870 AM) hyperlink below. (American Indian/Alaskan Native)

List the respondent, and, if other than a natural person, its officers, directors, stockholders and other entities with attributable interests, non-insulated partners and/or members. If a corporation or partnership holds an attributable interest in the respondent, list separately its officers, directors, stockholders and other entities with attributable interests, non-insulated partners and/or members. Create a separate row for each individual or entity. Attach supplemental pages, if necessary.

(Read carefully - The numbered items below refer to line numbers in the following table.)

1. Name and address of respondent and each party to the respondent holding an attributable interest (if other than individual also show name, address and citizenship of natural person authorized to vote the stock or holding the attributable interest). List the respondent first, officers next, then directors and, thereafter, remaining stockholders and other entities with attributable interests, and partners.
2. Gender (male or female).
3. Ethnicity (check one).
4. Race (select one or more).
5. Citizenship.
6. Positional interest: Officer, director, general partner, limited partner, LLC member, investor/creditor attributable under the Commission's equity/debt plus standard, etc.
7. Percentage of votes.
8. Percentage of total assets (equity debt plus).


Tennessee Regulatory Authority Director Kenneth C. Hill

1. Name and Address KENNETH C. HILL
2. Gender (male or female) Male
3. Ethnicity (check one) Hispanic or Latino
Not Hispanic or Latino
4. Race (select one or more) [x] American Indian or Alaska Native
Black or African American
Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander
5. Citizenship US
6. Positional Interest 51%
7. Percentage of votes 51.00
8. Percentage of total assets (equity debt plus) 51.00



I certify that I am PRESIDENT

(Official Title)


(Exact legal title or name of respondent)

and that I have examined this Report and that to the best of my knowledge and belief, all statements in this Report are true, correct and complete.

(Date of certification must be within 60 days of the date shown in Question 5, Section II and in no event prior to that date.)

Date 03/18/2008
Telephone Number of Respondent (Include area code) 4238786279


Tennessee Regulatory Authority Director Kenneth C. Hill

FCC - Ownership Report Search Results (WPWT - Application)


FCC AM Query & AM List Results (WPWT 870 AM)

Tennessee Regulatory Authority Director Kenneth C. Hill

Rep. Matthew Hill
Tennessee Regulatory Authority Director Kenneth C. Hill

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Friday, January 16, 2009


Talk About a Monkey Wrench

Wow, Carter County's own Kent Williams pulled a trick no one saw coming. I can't believe he is now Tennessee's House Speaker. Almost every Republican in the state is steaming with anger. A lot of newspapers are equally annoyed with this development. This is incredibly satisfying for me just because it appears Gregory's money still can't quite buy everything he wants. I do think, though, that the majority party should be the one that chooses the speaker. Williams also had to do a lot of lying before hand to set this up. I'm never a fan of lying. So, I am just about equally disappointed in this development. Williams, in effect, let the Democrats pick the leader, one who is not too experienced, too. Worked in Williams' favor for now, but there is no way he will get reelected in 2010. The bad part here is that dumb Jerome Cochran will probably run again. So, maybe Kent will get reelected. Sometimes, you just can't make this stuff up. I bet John Lundberg is annoyed too, since he was salivating at a possible increase in business with his employee set to be the new speaker. Oh well, at least Mumpower will have more time to read his comic books.
UPDATE: Apparently, Mumpower had a ton of flags ordered to celebrate his big day, which of course didn't turn out to be so good for him. He also had some goofball video tape him all day to preserve the historic moment. I would like to see that video, especially when the final vote put Williams in. While Williams seems awfully dirty in this trick, I do enjoy that Matty Hill will likely continue to be ignored due to his incompetence. That's not good for the 7th District though. It's just that Mumpower and the Gregory cronies would have overlooked Hill's shortcomings.
UPDATE II: I just learned that this whole mess could have been avoided if freshman Republican Terri Lynn Weaver had actually understood how to vote on a tabling motion. That is pretty amazing. Sounds like a Fred Merkle indeed.

And, on another note, Matthew Hill still annoys people in his own district, or at least the person who posted this lawsuit info. By the way, that's a bummer what happened to Bernier. Sounds like he was blindsided.

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Saturday, August 09, 2008


David vs. Goliath: Independent Mike "Moxie" Williams Takes On MegaMillionaire John M. Gregory Proxy

Here are the URLs for the online Tennessee campaign finance reports filed by Independent Tennessee 7th House District Challenger Mike Smith Williams --- a "man of the people" , who despite the meger amount of money that candidate Williams is currently self-financing into his 2008 General Election campaign, demonstrates how gutsy Williams is to take on the carpeting bagging errand boy of the pharmaceutical megamillionaire John M. Gregory and his family members.

Search Online Campaign Finance Records - Reports for WILLIAMS, MIKE

2008 Pre-Primary for MIKE WILLIAMS submitted on 08/03/2008




Contributor C/P Rec'd For Date Amount Aggregate
Rec'd For General
Date: 07/03/2008
Amount: $528.33
Aggregate: $528.33

2008 2nd Quarter for MIKE WILLIAMS submitted on 07/07/2008
[zero balance]

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Independent Mike Williams To Take On Both Toady Hill And Gregory Money Mill

‘We need some-one who can get things done and make things happen.’
— Mike Williams, independent candidate for 7th House District seat
[photo caption]

By Ben Ingram
Press Staff Writer

While most candidates are winding down following Thursday’s election, Mike Williams, an independent candidate for the 7th House District seat, was just getting warmed up.

Williams, who at one point appeared on the August Republican primary ballot, said he opted to run as an independent when the ticket started getting crowded.

“I didn’t know if it would confuse the voters or not, so on the advice of a friend I decided to run as an independent,” said Williams, a business process improvement specialist with Nuclear Fuel Services in Erwin.

As for why he decided to run for the 7th District seat, held by Republican primary winner Matthew Hill of Jonesborough, Williams said there were a number of reasons.

“My alarm goes off and every single day it seems crime is getting worse in Tennessee,” he said. “It seems there is a lot of gang-related activity in the area and maybe there’s just something that could be done on the state level, primarily increased funding for local law enforcement.

[more at the Johnson City Press]

Williams goes onto to refer to Rep. Matthew Hill as a "great guy" is not readily apparent from this Press news report if Williams is another Hill friend/political 7th House District challenger as happened to be the case with the political novice Todd Smith who took the Hill-Gregory-Tennessee Conservative PAC machine with both an 1:8 campaign treasury disadvantage and a seemingly absent campaign management team...

Williams also seems to be repeating the same novice Smith campaign mistake: not lauching the public campaign effort early enough to start churning up name recognition across the Tennessee 7th House District --- to do so this late in the game will likely cost a greater amount of time and money than if Williams had launched this effort last summer.

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Friday, August 08, 2008


David Davis Loses!

Well, Hill may have won easily (which is no surprise given his Sullivan County money and, according to some of his volunteers, the not so well run campaign by Smith-who, unlike Hill, wasn't granted time off by his daddy), but a much bigger fish got fried in old David Davis. He has been an embarrassment to east Tennessee and it is truly satisfying to see him booted by a genuine anti-PAC Phil Roe. Congrats Phil Roe! This is the first time an incumbent has been defeated for this seat since 1930, I believe.

So, I feel like I helped knock some holes in Davis' Gregory funded armor. I busted little Timmy on the Internet vandalism story (in fact, I broke the story) and made sure the Knoxville News Sentinel was tipped off. They did good reporting and little Timmy was put on the wire for the world to see. Elmer Gantry busted Davis for giving Timmy an $8000 bonus for that stunt. Of course, Davis' dog fighting vote and Saudi Arabia blood money were the bigger daggers.

So, that makes Cochran and Davis two Gregory candidates defeated in the same election. Not a bad day.

On Hill, when is an opponent going to hammer him on being a U.S. military protester? This is three candidates in a row who haven't touched Matthew Hill's biggest weakness in a district that doesn't take kindly to not supporting U.S troops. Just ask military veteran Marion Light. I guess that Patton would have been a better opponent than Smith after all.

On an unrelated note, I'm glad to welcome Elmer Gantry as a co-author on this blog. Our opinions are not always the same and I'm sure I'll point that out sometimes, but Elmer is a free thinker who is not beholden to any party. He is a Tri-Cities native and has seen quite a few more elections than Hilly boy, so he brings good perspective to the discussion of politics. Enjoy!

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Saturday, August 02, 2008


Todd Smith v Matthew Hill

-This great JC Press story about campaign donations shows that Matthew Hill has a ton of money, but almost zero support from the 7th District. There’s nothing like letting Sullivan Countians run Washington County!

-Here’s a great story about Smith and Hill. I especially like how Hill is scared to debate Smith publicly. I also like how Hill acts like his lack of securing road money is not that big of a deal. This editorial goes into more detail about how hard Hill has had to work at avoiding a debate.

-This JC Press story demonstrates how Matthew Hill lies like there is no tomorrow. He is as unchristian as they come. He said that Smith will raise the gas tax all by himself, hoping to make voters afraid of Smith. Smith has countless times said publicly that he will oppose a gas tax increase, and Hill knows this.
I got a big chuckle from Hill saying Smith had special interests funding him. Hill has had nothing but non-7th District special interests funding him since 2004, and Hill’s special interest money is 8 times more than any of his opponents have received, due almost entirely to the Gregory machine.
This story also demonstrates Smith’s support for veterans, something Hill doesn’t get since he protested against the U.S. military a few years back! Hill has refused to acknowledge or apologize to veterans for it.

-Here’s a great editorial highlighting how Matthew Hill will use his new child as an advertising prop. Of course Hill also put a picture of his child at 21 weeks on there to subliminally suggest that Smith is pro-abortion. At least Hill is not outright lying about Smith, like Hill did with Patton on abortion. That lie that Hill spread is the only reason he beat Patton by 400 votes in 04'.

Houk also made a great point about Hill talking about opposing gay marriage. We overwhelmingly passed a constitutional amendment two years ago. The issue is settled and it’s time for our 7th District Rep to actually get something done.

I like how Ford isn’t supporting Hill. I heard that Ford wanted to advance some legislation regarding divorced parents being punished for turning in false reports to DHS against the other spouse, but Hill would have none of it because of how it affected someone close to him.

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Matthew Hill News

Here’s an interesting story about one of Matthew Hill’s special interest funders from outside the 7th District:
Larry Bates is listed by Hill or his organization as being "self-employed" within the broadcast industry without listing Bates' actual company name.
So just who is the Memphis area broadcaster Larry Bates anyway?
A lengthy Google search reveals that Larry Bates is both a former associate of Jake Butcher and a former three-term Democrat member of the Tennessee House of Representatives (1970-1976; Bates switched to the Republican Party after he moved to Memphis). It also turns out that Bates wears many other hats (small bank CEO, economist, author) and heads up the Information Radio Network, Inc. (IRN USA Radio News) --- and one of the radio programs featured on for-profit Information Radio Network is the newly and nationally syndicated "The Matthew Hill Show" airing at 0800 a.m. and 1200 noon (1-800-773-8255).

So why is it that Rep. Matthew Hill is hiding his employment/independent contractor relationship with Larry Bates from public review of the Matthew Hill campaign disclosures filed with the Tennessee Secretary of State?

Here are a couple of things Bates is alleged to have said: We SHOULD execute ALL women that have ever had an abortion. And God has forbidden women from being leaders of countries, including the U.S. and Indonesia.
-Apparently the latest “nonprofit” incarnation by the Hills (this one out of Matty's home) was cited by the Federal Communications Commission over CFR violations regarding too-many new construction license applications for non-profit radio stations in various locations across the United States and filed late in 2007.

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Political Happenings

Here's a smattering of political news related to the Tri-Cities:

-Here’s an interesting post that exposes Rachel Davis apparently stretching the truth about the Davis family dog in her attempt to defend David Davis’ support of dog fighting. Ranked U.S. Rep. David Davis Among Least Influential Members.

-U.S. Rep. David Davis is this election season’s leading congressional recipient of donations from a billion-dollar global defense contractor accused of bribing Saudi officials with call girls and money. This company is the same one Davis secured money for.

-I must add that Davis was not happy about this.
-However, the Bristol Herald Courier stood by the story.
-This blogger has all the details. I can't believe that Davis' first release had BHC Jerks in it. Very professional.

-Speaking of Davis, here’s a good post that shows David Davis gave Timmy Hill an $8000 bonus after Timmy was busted for committing vandalism.

-By the way, Matthew Hill makes about $30,000 for his part-time job as a legislator. Too bad he doesn’t get anything done for the 7th District.

-Here’s an excellent letter that was sent in to the Hill clan’s WHCB Newsletter:
You are publishing falsehoods. No, Gov. Ben Hooper was not "as described in the story." Yes, he was an out of wedlock child that went on to become the Governor of Tennessee; this is true, but the rest of the story is made up poppycock. Nothing in Gov. Hooper's autobiography notes about how he slipped out of church in order to avoid the question of "Who is your daddy?" His autobiography is silent on the subject of preachers at this time in his life. This story is a pre-fabrication and based on the theme of being a "Bookkeeper in the Brothel", i.e., a man applies to be a bookkeeper in a brothel and is turned down because he can't read. He then goes on to be a great success, which keys on being rebuffed leads to one's own success.

You should be ashamed at printing this story as actual history as it is not verifiable. Call me a detractor?? Perhaps, but you can call me someone who does not believe everything he reads without doing some research. Shame on you for distorting history for your own religious cause. A simple statement about the story being urban legend would've been fine and a statement about how it is both fact (out of wedlock) and fiction (church story) would've been fine, but you stated Ben Hooper was "as described in the story." His autobiography rebuffs that statement and essentially makes your printing a falsehood. God forbid that your readers actually read his autobiography, they might actually learn something if they did that. I will pray that TRUTH will come to LIGHT. So mote it be.

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