Friday, August 08, 2008


David Davis Loses!

Well, Hill may have won easily (which is no surprise given his Sullivan County money and, according to some of his volunteers, the not so well run campaign by Smith-who, unlike Hill, wasn't granted time off by his daddy), but a much bigger fish got fried in old David Davis. He has been an embarrassment to east Tennessee and it is truly satisfying to see him booted by a genuine anti-PAC Phil Roe. Congrats Phil Roe! This is the first time an incumbent has been defeated for this seat since 1930, I believe.

So, I feel like I helped knock some holes in Davis' Gregory funded armor. I busted little Timmy on the Internet vandalism story (in fact, I broke the story) and made sure the Knoxville News Sentinel was tipped off. They did good reporting and little Timmy was put on the wire for the world to see. Elmer Gantry busted Davis for giving Timmy an $8000 bonus for that stunt. Of course, Davis' dog fighting vote and Saudi Arabia blood money were the bigger daggers.

So, that makes Cochran and Davis two Gregory candidates defeated in the same election. Not a bad day.

On Hill, when is an opponent going to hammer him on being a U.S. military protester? This is three candidates in a row who haven't touched Matthew Hill's biggest weakness in a district that doesn't take kindly to not supporting U.S troops. Just ask military veteran Marion Light. I guess that Patton would have been a better opponent than Smith after all.

On an unrelated note, I'm glad to welcome Elmer Gantry as a co-author on this blog. Our opinions are not always the same and I'm sure I'll point that out sometimes, but Elmer is a free thinker who is not beholden to any party. He is a Tri-Cities native and has seen quite a few more elections than Hilly boy, so he brings good perspective to the discussion of politics. Enjoy!

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Roe is no prize and is no different than Davis. All he is going to do in Washington is collect money and vote the Republican party line. Any monkey could do that.
Quite a few people were convinced that Roe is different than Davis, and they're right.
I tell you something..Hill can't stop winning!! 62% and now the people must really like him!! oh and I know him personally, definitely not an anti-war protester. The facts have to be straight before accusations can be made. Legitimate facts are more important than facts that appear to be legitimate.
Uhh, Hill is definitely a U.S. military protester. It is documented by the Kingsport Times News as well as by those who attended the protest with him, such as Gary M. If Hill was so liked, why has he been opposed by 5 different people?
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