Saturday, August 02, 2008


Matthew Hill News

Here’s an interesting story about one of Matthew Hill’s special interest funders from outside the 7th District:
Larry Bates is listed by Hill or his organization as being "self-employed" within the broadcast industry without listing Bates' actual company name.
So just who is the Memphis area broadcaster Larry Bates anyway?
A lengthy Google search reveals that Larry Bates is both a former associate of Jake Butcher and a former three-term Democrat member of the Tennessee House of Representatives (1970-1976; Bates switched to the Republican Party after he moved to Memphis). It also turns out that Bates wears many other hats (small bank CEO, economist, author) and heads up the Information Radio Network, Inc. (IRN USA Radio News) --- and one of the radio programs featured on for-profit Information Radio Network is the newly and nationally syndicated "The Matthew Hill Show" airing at 0800 a.m. and 1200 noon (1-800-773-8255).

So why is it that Rep. Matthew Hill is hiding his employment/independent contractor relationship with Larry Bates from public review of the Matthew Hill campaign disclosures filed with the Tennessee Secretary of State?

Here are a couple of things Bates is alleged to have said: We SHOULD execute ALL women that have ever had an abortion. And God has forbidden women from being leaders of countries, including the U.S. and Indonesia.
-Apparently the latest “nonprofit” incarnation by the Hills (this one out of Matty's home) was cited by the Federal Communications Commission over CFR violations regarding too-many new construction license applications for non-profit radio stations in various locations across the United States and filed late in 2007.

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