Monday, January 24, 2005


Hill Admits to Wanting to be a Lobbyist!!!

This is about the most amazing quote I have ever heard from a politician. In the Winter 2005 edition of The Business Journal's generatioNEXT magazine Hilly boy makes an admission that should not surprise anyone.

"Hill admits that if he were not a state representative, he would be a lobbyist."

Politicians that admit they want to be lobbyists are not politicans we can trust.

The article also mentions that Hilly boy's daddy lost in his bid to be a representative a few years ago. If you can't win in your own backyard you might as well send your son into someone else's.

And it goes even deeper: Rep. Hill has spent the better part of 2004 telling Washington County residents in the 7th House District that he would be there in Nashville to "represent them all before the General Assembly", "a statesman", "accessible to all", blah, blah, blah, blah...

The article reads as though Hill's 7th House bid is, at best, a stepping stone for Rep. Hill's dream job as a special interest lobbyist (for the Gregory's new Leitner Pharmaceuticals corporation perhaps?) ,or worse, that the state rep gig is his "Plan B" fallback..
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