Monday, January 24, 2005


Hilly boy's Idol

I’ve never had much of a problem with Ramsey, mostly because he was not on my radar screen. Here are some interesting tidbits on him that are less than flattering.
This story shows how the political system in Tennessee is screwed up no matter which party you support. Al Gore & the Gregory family should use their money to help people in need, rather than helping manipulative politicians.

I like how Ramsey flat out lies again. He has no shame. And the more I learn about these Republican politicians, the more I am convinced they only claim to be Christians to get votes. They don’t do a good job of convincing people they really are Christians. As long as Ramsey is around there won’t be any campaign finance changes.

Also, Bredesen was smart to not accept Gregory money. They were just trying to trap Bredesen anyway. By the way, Bredesen is one of my least favorite politicians for those of you who just think I am a Democrat.

I used to think that Senator Ramsey was a somewhat sharp thinker...up till to the point during a radio broadcast where Ramsey was prattling on about "Rush Limbaugh" and "science" within the same breath...

What a cow-milkin' moron...
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