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Mr. Special Ed Goes to Nashville

"Good Morning Tri-Cities". Too dad-gum funny.

I count myself as one among the 2,100 or so actual
to Rep. Matthew Hill's rather weak-minded
"Good MorningTri-Cites" radio show, listening off and on for
several years now to young Mr. Hill "socially
conservative" rants. Hill (much like his other
factually challenged talk radio show hosts at WPWT
870AM) would like you to actually believe that the
entire Tri-Cites Metropolitian Statisical Area
population of approximately 450,000 people will even
bother listening to this "Tower of Truth" tripe churned
out by the Praise the Hill Club.
I must agree with
other bloggers here that it is very unlikely that the
newly sworn Tennessee State Representative Matthew Hill
will be bringing any original or novel
legislation benefitting the public good before the
Tennessee General Assembly (TGA).

Much like Hill's favorite popular secular recording
artist "Weird AlYankovic" in a political sense, Rep.Hill
fails to possess any extraordinary talent or
demonstrated skill of his own design and device. Nor is
Hill able to choreograph his own careful steps that
will be needed to sheppard his own pin-headed
legislation through the TGA.
Hill's parotting political "genius" --- and do I use
this term loosely --- is nearly identical to the
sub-marginal and posing tactic utilized by Weird Al
within the context of "his" music videos and
recordings: just forget any pretenses of attempting to
exercise any talent or ability, sell'em the

The earliest example of this is the bellowing (and now,
according to Rep. Hill's on-air and younger brother
"trademarked"), on-air "Gooooo-ood Moooooring,
Tri-Citiiies..." sign-on with Rep. Hill formely
launched his morning radio assault on Northeast
Tennessee and surrounding areas. Apparently, young
Matthew didn't catch onto the fact that many members of
his morning radio audience had watched comedian Robin
Williams (playing a trully funny enlisted U.S. Armed
Forces radio broadcaster by the name of A2C Adrian
Cronauer who was using his "Gooooo-ood Moooooring
Viet-Naaaam" tag to kick off his radio program being
broadcasted over the "Republic Of " --- or that we knew
that Matthew's radio daddy, Dr. Kenneth C. Hill,
had also "borrowed" that comedy lick unattributed from
Robin Williams.

Seesh, I was even more impressed when "home-fooled"
Rep.Matthew started questioning and harassing his
"public schooled" talk-show callers at one point during
his "Good Morning Tri-Cites" squat by parotting like a
bloated and pill-popping Rush Limbaugh with his
dull-toned and patronizing taunt: "Let me explain
[this issue] so that even a public school student could
understand it..."

Apparently, Hill couldn't “hack it” as a student within
the public schools, so he championed home schooling on
his former radio show to the extreme extent that he
would insult his callers for being public school
graduates. However, Matthew had to drop this line of
attack on his callers after he let it slip during one
of his "Good Morning Tri-Cities" radio programs that he
was formerly a "...special ed math student" within the
public school system.

I wonder what will happen when Rep. Hill finds out that
he can't hack it as a member of the Tennessee General
Assembly? To borrow another tag line from the motion
picture "Good Morning Viet Nam":

The wrong man. In the wrong place. At the right

Too da** 2004, a majority of Washington
County voters looking toward sending a 7th District
house member in Nashville in order to both help balance
the Tennessee state budget and to make thoughful
contributions toward addressing the collection of
Tennessee tax revenues have instead elected to send the
posing "Mr. Special Ed" to Nashville.

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