Saturday, January 08, 2005


Willie Stark or Hilly boy? What's the difference?

Once the local paper quoted Hilly boy as saying that he had aligned himself with President Bush.

There are many people in the 7th Distric who have chosen to align with President Bush, but do not align with Hill.

Hill lived in Sullivan County for 24&1/2 of his 25 years and has run two mud-slinging campaigns in a row. What is most troubling to voters is his lack of qualifications. His website (as of the election in November, 2004) mentions that he has been endorsed by four organizations and even given an award by one. However, none of these organizations endorsed him for anything he did; they adopted Hill because he promised to toe their party lines.

It is amazing that in a democracy someone can be elected for saying what political action committees want to hear and not for actually accomplishing a thing. Hill has about as many orignal ideas in his head as he has whiskers on his face.

The fact that the 7th District elected Hilly boy makes me wonder if there can really be any faith in the voting process of the 7th District.
If you have not read Robert Penn Warren's book "All The King's Men" you need to. It looks like all we have in Matthew Hill is another Willie Stark.

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