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Let's start from the beginning. First, Hilly boy moves to Washington County about 6-8 months before the election. He came here from Sullivan County. While continuing to work for his father, whom he has worked for his entire professional life he opened a coffee shop in Jonesborough. Having been by numerous times and noticing that there are hardly any customers this has to be a front for gaining credibility. Most would not be surprised if the business is losing money and being covered by Hilly boy's dad or special friends.

Those special friends include the Gregory family of King pharmaceutical fame. Over 90% of Hilly boy's contributions came from them, and over 95% of his contributions came from the Kingsport/Sullivan County area. It is interesting that in the election Hilly boy was late filing his contribution info, perhaps because he knew how bad it looked. And though the Gregory family has cashed out of King, it is not like that company was a shining light of integrity in 2004. I also have to wonder just how hard Hilly boy will fight for lower drug costs for the lower income citizens of Washington County. My bet is he won't fight one iota for us. He can't bite the hand that feeds him can he?

Nice blog. I'm not a big fan of him myself. And I am a Republican!
Here are you some useful links:

King Benevolent Fund.
a charity established by the Gregory family.



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The above comment makes it seem like SJ Investments could very easily engage in insider trading. Nahhh, that could never happen.
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