Friday, January 16, 2009


Talk About a Monkey Wrench

Wow, Carter County's own Kent Williams pulled a trick no one saw coming. I can't believe he is now Tennessee's House Speaker. Almost every Republican in the state is steaming with anger. A lot of newspapers are equally annoyed with this development. This is incredibly satisfying for me just because it appears Gregory's money still can't quite buy everything he wants. I do think, though, that the majority party should be the one that chooses the speaker. Williams also had to do a lot of lying before hand to set this up. I'm never a fan of lying. So, I am just about equally disappointed in this development. Williams, in effect, let the Democrats pick the leader, one who is not too experienced, too. Worked in Williams' favor for now, but there is no way he will get reelected in 2010. The bad part here is that dumb Jerome Cochran will probably run again. So, maybe Kent will get reelected. Sometimes, you just can't make this stuff up. I bet John Lundberg is annoyed too, since he was salivating at a possible increase in business with his employee set to be the new speaker. Oh well, at least Mumpower will have more time to read his comic books.
UPDATE: Apparently, Mumpower had a ton of flags ordered to celebrate his big day, which of course didn't turn out to be so good for him. He also had some goofball video tape him all day to preserve the historic moment. I would like to see that video, especially when the final vote put Williams in. While Williams seems awfully dirty in this trick, I do enjoy that Matty Hill will likely continue to be ignored due to his incompetence. That's not good for the 7th District though. It's just that Mumpower and the Gregory cronies would have overlooked Hill's shortcomings.
UPDATE II: I just learned that this whole mess could have been avoided if freshman Republican Terri Lynn Weaver had actually understood how to vote on a tabling motion. That is pretty amazing. Sounds like a Fred Merkle indeed.

And, on another note, Matthew Hill still annoys people in his own district, or at least the person who posted this lawsuit info. By the way, that's a bummer what happened to Bernier. Sounds like he was blindsided.

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