Saturday, October 28, 2006


Why You Should Not Vote For Matthew Hill

1. Matthew Hill continues to push for fire fighter unions. It is an idea Harold Ford Jr. supports. (Though everyone else in the state, including his opponent, opposes this)
2. Matthew Hill voted to raise his legislative pension.
3. Matthew Hill protested against the U.S. military and then said that anyone who doesn’t support the Iraq war is not patriotic, while claiming it was not his “calling” to enlist (His opponent served in the U.S. military)
4. Local veterans endorsed his opponent, not Matthew Hill.
5. Matthew Hill has been inaccessible to the 7th District.
6. Matthew Hill has angered and ignored almost every leader in the 7th District: here's another;
7. Matthew Hill is not even from the 7th District (His opponent is)
8. Almost all of Matthew Hill’s money and supporters are not from the 7th District (His opponent’s are)
9. Matthew Hill wants to be a lobbyist
10. While Matthew Hill has been in office, the 7th District has seen a decrease in funding from Nashville
11. Matthew Hill lied about his role in bringing the pharmacy school to ETSU (His opponent helped make it a reality)
12. Matthew Hill refused to return money he received from former Republican representative Chris Newton, the only politician in the Tennessee Waltz sting to plead guilty.
13. Matthew Hill allied with liberal Democrat Johnny Shaw on a bill that would financially benefit Hill.
14. Matthew Hill does not support open government (His opponent does)
15. Matthew Hill is pro-litter and pro-beer.
16. Matthew Hill does not want to preserve the beauty of Washington County’s outdoors.
17. Matthew Hill was not endorsed by the Johnson City Press (His opponent and Bob Corker were)
18. Matthew Hill stated that he would support an income tax if the U.S. was at war (We are)
19. Many local voters do not support Matthew Hill: here's one; and another; another; another; another; another; another
20. Matthew Hill is not interested in bringing more jobs to the 7th District
21. Rusty Crowe has a lot of good things to say about Matthew Hill’s opponent.
22. Matthew Hill’s only accomplishment has been described as weak and ineffective and it allows legislators to break the law.
23. Matthew Hill’s main financial donor made a lot of money by overcharging tax funded programs.
24. Matthew Hill wants schools to take money out of their budgets to pay citizens who don’t have children in school.
25. Matthew Hill’s campaign staff includes a large number of homeschool children from Cleveland and Chattanooga
26. Matthew Hill’s campaigns are run unethically, as are his daddy’s organizations: here’s more; and more; more; more; more; and more

Trust me, there are plenty of other reasons not to vote for Matthew Hill.

there are so many reasons to VOTE for matthew hill because he is a great representative and has represented his people well. this website is full of [crap]
You know. You make a lot of good points. But you are obnoxious and your mud slinging on Hill and the Gregory's only harm your agenda. You would be better served to state your facts intellectually rather than emotionally. You just come off bitter.

I think Hill could be doing a better job.

I also know that the Gregory's do a lot of good in the NET community, even if they are from (god forbid) Bristol.
I think the entire Hill Family is a batch of worthless Worms.nothing makes me sicker in the pit of my stomach than fake Christians and crooks.

I'm not a passive-type liberal. I hate at a very deep level. I wish the very, very worst for all the Hill Family. I rejoice in every disaster that God drops on them.

There is still $399 missing from donations made to crook Hills christiannradio fiasco. What a lost bunch of garbage. No offense to garbage.
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