Tuesday, February 01, 2005


Gregory Tenn Con PAC Finances

These next three posts provide links that help demonstrate the campaign financial relationships between the Tenn. Conservative PAC, the State of Franklin PAC, Rep. Matthew Hill, and the various Gregory family members (formerly of King Pharmaceuticals' Inc.).

This information was collected from various public sources, including: U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission for King Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 10-K (yearly reports); U.S. Federal Communications Commission for both Appalachian Educational Communications Corporation (WHCB) and Information Communications Corporation (WPWT);
Tennessee Secretary of State Business Information searches; Tennessee Secretary of State Election Campaign Finance (using the downloaded code forthe online TNSOS campaign finance reports and combined Q1, Q2, and Q3 2004 report, and various web sites for the Bristol, Tennessee based SJ Strategic Investments (Gregory owned including Leitner Pharmaceuticals) and the King Benevolent Fund.

The Tenn Con PAC address is 340 Edgemont Ave. in Bristol (the Gregory owned Leitner building). Everyone who donated money is a Gregory, or is very intimately tied to them. Of the approximately $221,000 donated, $215,000 came from the Gregorys. Almost all of this money went to the candidates, just like Hilly boy, who promised to toe the Gregory line.

Check out how the Tenn. Conservative PAC is paying SJ Strategic Investments $170 monthly rent for office space within a $4.22 million dollar property or the Lazarus Foundation office within the Leitner Pharmaceutical Building.

*I have this as an html file, but I have been having trouble posting it. Hopefully I can find a website to save this to and then I can link to it from here. Or if you are interested I can email it to you.


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