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Matthew Hill's War Protest (Jane Fonda's Buddy)

For those who think I am making this up, check out the April 18, 1999 Bristol Herald-Courier (you can find it at the Bristol public library, or I can e-mail it to you). It contains an article about the Kosovo War protest that Matthew Hill attended and promoted on his radio show. There is even a photo with Hill in it and he is specifically named in the caption. I bet the troops over there at the time really appreciated that. I find it funny that all the complaints in this article sound just like those voiced by critics of the current Iraq War. I'm not quite convinced Hilly boy really does support our troops right now. The organization that he partnered with on this protest, the International Action Center, is about as anti-Bush as I have seen.

In addition, below is the headline from the April 18, 1999 Kingsport-Times News story (you need to go to the Kingsport public library to read the entire article, or I can e-mail it to you).

And in the photo below, I doubt those veterans know that Hill protested against their fellow comrades. Seems awfully two-faced to me. Isn't that called flip-flopping?

Here's an article about efforts to reform ethics in Tennessee's government. Obviously, because of Gregory, the Republicans want no part of limiting a person's amount of campaign spending. I don't care if it is Al Gore giving $700,000 or John Gregory giving $1.5 million, no one person should be able to have so much influence on the political system. It is just not safe and the methods used to give as much as possible (the various PACs) are very similar to money laundering.

Wow! That's really hard hitting stuff! (currently listening to "Too Much Time on My Hands") I see in that article it mentioned a few people by name, I didn't see Rep Hillyboy's name in there, are you sure this was the same protest?

I just love xxooxxoo when the UN tells us what to do don't you? ;)
One newspaper down --- several more to go...

Ironic, isn't it... as perhaps the first war protestor from East Tennessee (or maybe even the entire state) ever elected into the Tennessee General Assembly, Rep. Matthew Hill just happens to also be a republican.
Of course, you could always ask Rep. Matthew Hill at his next 7th House District public meeting if he actually participated as a war protestor within this 1999 Bristol, Virginia protest against the U.S. military bombings of Kosovo ...
With that picture, I certainly don't have to ask Hill, it is fact. What I am amazed at is that Patton didn't know or publicize this during the primary election.
As the 2006 T-Shirt fasion season begins, I imagine that we shall several bold t-shirt designs and captions to hti the Washington County market, such as

First In Peace,
Last In War.


simply printing up the protest image (click on the large size to wear on yyour back and a smaller image to wear over your heart) in grayscale onto t-shirt ink-jet transfer paper and then ironing it onto your favorite Hanes Beefy T Shirt.
What the...???

I think that you are beening too hard on war protestor Rep. Matthew Hill....

Republicans from Northeast Tennessee have enjoyed a long political tradition of electing public officials who have never severed within the ranks of the U.S. military (e.g.: Rep. Jason Mumpower whose cohorts are now fighting and dying in tthe Middle East) or electing those individuals with a remarkable - read here as puffed - military history such as the late U.S. Congressman James H. Quillen who himself was a 1940-1942 draft dodger.

Hell No,
We Won't Go...
We Won't Go...
To Kosovo!!!

Hey, all Rep. Hill is saying
Is Give Peace A Chance

All Rep. Hill is saying
Is Give Peace A Chance

Rep. Matthew Hill is a republican?

I always thought that Hill is a Nutzi...
Check out Rep. Matthew Hill's campaign logo at http://www.matthewlistens.org --- it looks like Comrade Hill is flying the "Red Star" within his art work.
Oh Matthew Hill, Tennessee State Representative...where are you?
Come on now - this really isn't fair!

Matthew Hill: Tennessee State Representative is for the troops if and when it is in his own best interest to be "for the troops"...
Matthew HIll attended a fund raising function at the Jonesborough Visitors Center. The idea was to raise funds for the replacement of the American flags on Boone and Main Streets in Jonesborough. Hill was asked to speak by the ceremony sponsor; Ruth Verhegge (retired Army Major). He offered a prayer of thanks for the troops in the field in Iraq and recognized the members of Lima Company and the 278th Guard unit.

While he was campaigning in the audience, he was ask what unit he served with, he replied that was not his "calling" to serve in the military. Some are called to give their life for their country, others are called to stay home and attend the ceremonies for the dead and wounded, using their sacrifices to promote HIS own political aspirations.

It was not my calling either, BUT I served ten years
Not his "calling" to serve? Sounds like he is a fortunate one. I guess it wasn't Clinton's calling to serve either. It's his calling to make what I estimate at $80,000 in complete safety.
Who waste there time bothering other people just because there opponet lost..So get over it and stop crying.....
Nice use of "there" twice instead of "their." Looks like someone was home schooled.
yea he is definitely a republican..just look at his voting record..
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