Thursday, September 22, 2005


Dirty Money for Matthew Hill

So now that former Republican Rep. Chris Newton has pled guilty and then thankfully resigned, why don’t we look at some of the people who recieved some of Newton’s dirty money. From the Tennessee Secretary of State Web Site we learn about these locals who recieved Newton money:

Matthew Hill, $200

Jason Mumpower, $250

David Hawk, $250 (Here's a story about Hawk's ex requesting a protective order against him. Not good for a lawmaker)

Tennessee Right to Life, $250

So my question is, Are these people going to return the money back to Newton? Or, are they perfectly happy to accept dirty money? I think we know the answer.


In an unrelated note, I find this story interesting as Hilly boy professes to support the military. However, he doesn’t mention the fact that in 1999, in Bristol, Tennessee he was protesting the U.S. military aerial bombardment of Kosovo.

And if he really supports the military, why has he not joined himself?

I guess he will prove his support to troops overseas by sending them a copy of this photograph, where he hangs out with veterans, as though he was one.


And finally, I wonder how this little immigration meeting went. I love how all of his meetings are announced less than 24 hours before they begin. That way only his three radio listeners actually attend.

I like his doublespeak too. He hints that he is not sure many people from the 7th district would attend, or that many people even care about immigration issues. Then he says he knows they care. Weird.

"The main purpose for this meeting is basically that, and depending on how many people come out, I guess that will answer whether or not people are really concerned about the issue or not."

"Immigration is an issue that many people in and around Washington County are concerned about and it is something that our Legislature has been and will continue to address.”

On another note, I like how am 910 now boasts as the exclusive home of Fox News in the Tri-Cities. That's the claim that Hilly boy's 870 used to make; it's even on a billboard on the Bristol highway. Now 870 says they are the original home of Fox News in the Tri-Cities. My guess is Fox wanted a station with more than 3 listeners.

Hilly Boy should feel ethically compelled to return the 2004 campaign cash that he recoived from ex-Rep. Chris Newton. but it is becoming more apparent that the Hill mindset is functioning at a low ethic standard than of his constituients residing in Northeast Tennessee...just this goes to show that the Hill election campaign treasury is dependent upon at least one convict....

Newton in probably going to need all that money back from Rep. Matthew Hill in order to buy soap and toothpaste at the federal prison canteen

If I type WHCB 91.5 FM or WPWT 870 AM here, do you suppose that a Google search will pick up this blog page?
I'm pretty confident Hilly boy has no intention of returning any of that Newton money.
...and I hear that these folks will soon be renaming a stretch of highways between Mockingbird Lane in Jonesborough and 340 Edgemont Avenue as the "Chicken Hawk Trail".
Are you sure that Rep. Matthew Hill and WPWT 870 AM was not in fact promoting Faux News?
Faux News is quite accurate for am 870
I would imagine WPWT has more than 3 bloggers....
I am pretty sure WPWT doesn't have more than 3 bloggers since they don't even have a web site and their e-mail address is from hotmail. However, they probably do have more than 3 listeners.
and WPWT has somewhat less than 2,300 listeners...check the radio ratings.
That was basically my point. 2300 is not that many listeners at all.
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