Thursday, September 22, 2005


Gregory Jazz

For some telling information, be sure to check out the Federal Election Commission web site.

I find it very interesting that John Gregory’s son, James is an employee of WHCB 91.5. WHCB is owned by the 501(c)(3) tax exempt Appalachian Education Communications Corporation (AECC). State of Franklin PAC (a Gregory funded and run organization) President Dr. Kenneth C. Hill is also the AECC President and father of Rep. Matthew Hill, R-7, Jonesborough.

James is also listed as a student and his contributions in 2004 totaled over $33,000. I am sure all of that was his own hard earned money. What is also interesting is that he is listed as an employee of the Tennessee Republican Party. It’s not just me; the Gregory’s and the Northeast Tennessee Republican caucus behave in shady ways.

Also, be sure to check out Susan Gregory’s donations (daughter of John). She is listed as Chief Investment Officer of SJ Strategic Investments and Leitner Pharmaceuticals (John Gregory’s new companies after he got out of King Pharm.), though she files her occupation as "housewife" on Federal Election Commission contributor records. She also started SJ Travel, llc., and Ride Revolutions in Johnson City.

SJ Strategic Investments

SJ Travel Rental Properties

Ride Revolution

Parhaps better stated [James] as an WHCB employee at the time of his FEC recorded campaign donation.
Yeah, I doubt he is currently employed there.
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