Thursday, August 11, 2005


Ramsey's other legislative car (not the Caddie)

As the Dukes say, "Yeeee-hawwwww!" And just for fun, here's the WATE (Knoxville TN TV station) Ramsey speeding forum board.

Duke Ramsey of Hazard,,,or is that to say, Ramsey is a hazard?
Now that's funny, Bob!
Boss Ron: He's A Good Ol' Boy

Just born a good ol' boy
Never meanin' no baddie
Beats all you in the law
Been wanting a new Caddie
Since the day he was sworn.

Straigh'nin' the curve
Flat'nin' the hills
Someday the video might get 'em
But the law never will

Drivin' his way
The only way he knows how
That's just a little bit more
Than the law will allow

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