Friday, July 15, 2005


Hilly boy's shady campaign finances

Check out this picture of Doc and Rep. Hill from the February 2004 WHCB (daddy Hill’s station) fundraiser. Matthew was working other fundraisers at this time, particularly his own election campaign.

If you listen carefully to "Good Morning Tri-Cities" on WPWT 870 AM, you will find that little brother Timothy at the Hill Rez is still pleading with WPWT listeners to send e-mails to

During both the 2004 state representative primary and general campaign cycles, candidate Matthew Hill was soliciting campaign donations using a PayPal campaign finance donation hyperlink on his campaign Web site ( linking back to his former "Good Morning Tri-Cities" e-mail address ---

This was the exact same e-mail address that Matthew Hill promoted for years during his tenure of WPWT 870 AM, and is the same e-mail address that his brother Timothy Hill is currently promoting on-air at WPWT 870AM as the e-mail address for "Good Morning Tri-Cities". It is the same one that he was pitching to the WPWT 870 AM audience during Rep. Matthew Hill's first session within the Tennessee General Assembly during 2005.

So how did Timothy Hill (the current "Good Morning Tri-Cites" host) gain access to the same Hotmail e-mail account that Rep. Matthew Hill utilized to route PalPay campaign finance donations to the bank account of his campaign treasury?

Gee, and I thought that members of the Tennessee General Assembly were prohibited by law from soliciting or accepting campaign contributions during the TNGA legislative session. Reads like very shady campaign finance practices to me, the kind of ethical behavior Tennessee legislators are supposed to be cracking down on.

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