Wednesday, June 15, 2005


Ethics Jazz

I just wanted to pass on a few links to some newspaper articles that speak to the topic of ethics in politics. Today's JC Press had this story on the front page today. I have repeatedly said that Tennessee's ethics rules are still too lax. I am sure that the Tennessee Lobbyists Association will come up with their own ethics rules and those rules will be worthless. At least they admit that they have no plans on reporting how much money they make.

For some concrete ideas on better ethics reform read this article. At least one Tennessee politician seems to agree in this post and again in this one. I must agree that "greed is the real cause of corruption in government but the behavior of lobbyists support that corruption." This seems to speak to Hilly boy's behavior and his lobbyist aspirations.

On another note, I have heard that Bredesen's campaign manager doesn't know much about ethics himself. The fight goes on.

And finally, this article points out how many of the politicians currently in power are leading this country into the same place the the nation of Isreal went in the Old Testament of the Bible. The rich are getting insanely richer while the poor are being walked on and ignored. It makes me sick, as a Christian, and as an American citizen.

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