Tuesday, June 07, 2005


Big Surprise Here

When it comes to "Operation Tennessee Waltz," is anyone surprised? There are four lobbyists for every legislator in Tennessee. Though it is great that these people got caught, is anyone else disturbed by the fact that the FBI caught so many Tennessee politicians? This is more indicative of the culture Tennessee politicians have created, especially by their resistance to make dramatic ethical reforms.

For proof, just listen to David Davis. It seems that he is a little worried about more ethics reform; “...some people will be dishonest. More laws and more rules aren't going to fix that.”

Then, check out some of the political work by Jason Mumpower.

Some other bills Mumpower sponsored faced challenges. One was a private act that would have ratcheted up requirements for a recall election in Bristol. The bill was filed just months after a contentious Bristol recall election last year. "It passed, but I stripped out anything that had to do with recall provisions," Mumpower said of the Bristol private act. Mumpower bills that were left in committees as the legislative session ended included a sales tax reduction measure and legislation to abolish state and local caps on campaign contributions and require that all campaign contributions and expenditures be reported within five days.

Abolishing state and local caps on campaign contributions does not seem like ethics reform to me. It seems like opening the door for more Gregory money, plain and simple.

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